Monday, March 4, 2013

It's getting closer!

Sooooooo, just had my baby shower on Saturday.  It was PERFECT, WONDERFUL & AWESOME! My mom and my sister threw it.  Mind you, my sister is already 6 months preggo, and has a 1 year old, so how she has the energy, I don't know. Here we are:

Seems to me there is a big of a size discrepancy! She looks awesome and I look huge.  I guess that is what 2 extra months of baby does to you!  I feel like just yesterday we were planning her baby shower for Savy..

OMG, look how different I look! hahaha. I actually have a neck! Don't worry, I'll get back there someday.  So I have pics with my best friends with all of us when each of us are preggo! I finally got my pic on Saturday...


Briana - (baby #2) (she is preggo with #4 at the moment!)

I know I have one of Stef, but can't find it at the moment :)

Anyway,  All my family (Smith Side, Krupansky Side, Moher Side) were there and my friends.  It was so nice to have everyone together.  It took some self control not to start crying every 5 minutes, just because I was so happy!!

We got everything we needed for Emma.  It's actually been kind of nice at work, because I don't have the option of putting stuff together! I've been wearing myself out putting EVERYTHING away and in its place these past 2 days.  I just love it.  She has her swing, bouncer, pack n. play, stroller, etc.  All of her bedding/clothes/blankets.....I think I've washed enough to start. We'll see where it goes.  Chris and I even bought our first box (yes I said BOX) of diapers yesterday.  I have the whole diaper hanging thing filled, but I figured I'd wait on putting things in the pack n play and stuff as to not give William (the cat) any temptations to play with anything.  I've been wondering how he is going to handle all the big changes.  As far as I have seen, he hasn't jumped in anything yet, except the bassinet once.  I think it freaked him out though, because instead of laying down, like he always does, he jumped right out.  Fortunately we've already trained him not to sleep in our room (he has his own sleep spot in the hallway), so it shouldn't be a problem when baby comes. (crossing my fingers).

I can't believe on 6 weeks to go, MAX! I still haven't packed my hospital bag, I'm going to try and do that tonight.  I've definitely been having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and I don't think she can move any lower in my belly.  I still have a lot to do before she gets here. Part of me is ready for her to come RIGHT NOW, but I could use another week or 2 of getting ready.  We have our Let's Dish session on Thursday and I still have to reclean everything now that I put all this crap together and got little pieces of cardboard/paper/trash/clothing tags everywhere. Chris has been amazing. I know he doesn't WANT to keep putting everything together, but he does it for me :). I've even been getting more frequent back rubs, I must look like I need them pretty bad, hahahaha!

It's definitely harder to walk for a long period of time. I can not wait to feel a little more normal again when baby comes out, but again, I know that will take a while too.

Birthing class is on the 16th. Another appointment I'd like to keep, as Chris and I still have no idea what we are doing. :)

Anyway, this may have been an "all over the place" post, but that's the way my mind is working these days.  I have an appt. tomorrow, so we'll see what updates doctor has.

Until next time........

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