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A haircut, a train ride and a lot of color.

My My My Life is Good.
Chris and I took the train into Philly to meet some friends for dinner in the City. It was so nice to take advantage of that and know we can do that in the future.

Emma and I got the opportunity to see Disney on Ice this year. She loved it soo much - I cried. 

Could they be any cuter?

My sweet sweet boy got his first haircut. He didn't cry and didn't wiggle and just sat there. perfectly.

My best friend continues to take care of me and took me on a coloring date.  

Emma went to her first birthday party. 

Life continues. So many wonderful things are happening. I wish I didn't still wish for more. I wish my mom was here to be a part of this.
Matthew had his 15 month checkup yesterday. Normally I ALWAYS call my mom to tell her the deets. She loved it. I just don't get to have that any more and I am extremely sad about it. But, so is life.
Matthew is 15 months old. 34 inches tall and 29 lbs and 12 ounces. Officially. Although I swear he is heavier th…