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Dear Matthew.....

Dear Matthew,

My little baby boy.  The apple of your father's eye and one of the holders of my heart. I have never met a happier baby than you. A morning is not complete without a little extra snuggle and I know I can always get a little extra sleep if I bring you into bed with me and hold you close as your close your eyes in pure bliss. I have a love/hate relationship with the term "Momma's Boy" but if there ever was one, I'd say it was you. 

Your birth-day was quite a bit different from your sister's as we knew exactly when and how you would be meeting us.  That was about all we could predict as the nurses laughed when I said you would probably be 10 lbs. Even then you didn't want to leave your momma and they had to vacuum you out during the c-section. Your arrival certainly came with lots of excitement and drama as your blood counts were low, but a little time with Mommy and Daddy and everything evened out and you were just fine.

You loved to be in my arm…