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February Cara Box Reveal

My box came yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

It was so much fun to receive the box and see what Tammy had picked out for me.  She has a blog at I thought maybe she was from Boston, but it turns out she just really loves Boston Terriers :)

We have been emailing back and forth all month getting to know each other.  I think she definitely picked up on the fact that I like shimmery/sparkly things :)  I got a great nail polish (which I have been trying to keep my nails done for when baby comes).  I two lip glosses, some candles, eye shadow that I'm in love with and her card was really really nice to read.

I definitely want to do the exchange again and I would highly recommend it to EVERYONE who wants to try it.  It is nice getting something in the mail just for you!  I may wait until after baby, because who knows how busy life is going to get, but this definitely won't be my last Cara Box Experience.

33 Weeks

So you tell me.....have I dropped?

Chris and I woke up Sunday morning and were like, WHOA!  My stomach definitely seems a little lower.  It's also easier to breathe and bend forward.  I wonder how much of that is in my head though.  So I also decided to do a side by side comparison.

Does one look lower than the other?  The one on the left is from about 2 or 3 weeks ago.  I can't remember.  Well, hopefully this is a sign that things are moving forward and just maybe I won't have to have that scheduled c-section in April :)

How far along? 33 Weeks and 2 days
Total weight gain: lets just say 30+ lbs.
Maternity clothes? Yes Please, they are even getting a little tight....
Stretch marks? I'll just answer that with a YES
Sleep: Awful.  My hips hurt so bad, I have to roll from side to side about 3 times and every time I roll I have to get up and pee anyway.
Best moment this week: Saturday Chris and I had a little day of fun where we just did things that made up happy, like going to t…

32 Weeks

How far along? 32 Weeks and 4 days
Total weight gain: lets just say 30+ lbs.
Maternity clothes? Yes Please, they are even getting a little tight....
Stretch marks? I'll just answer that with a YES
Sleep: Last night was a great night sleep. I stayed up a little bit later, so maybe I'll try that in the future.
Best moment this week: Having some girlfriends have a surprise little shower for me and Julie :) We had cakes and cookies and tea. I loved it.  
Miss Anything? Hot Baths, Wine, Sleeping on my back/stomach, running
Movement: Lots
Food cravings: More like food aversions.  It's kind of hard to find something I really want to eat right now.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not these days (knock on wood)
Gender: Girl
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: ROUND LIGAMENT PAIN,  rib pain from time to time, tired, moody, shortness of breath
Belly Button in or out? I'll go with flat.  Looks like it may be popping out one of these days.
Wedding rings on or off? On, but if I'm in a hot room, or …

32 Week APPT........Oh Emma!

So before I get into my 32 Week Appointment just want to fill you in on a great weekend we had.

DH's parents came down on Saturday and we went to church together, then out to dinner.  They also brought down our baby shower gift, so one less thing to take back with us from PA.  Our High Chair!!! So excited. It was funny though, Chris and I both were like, "how old does the baby have to be to start using this?"  We have no idea. :)  We'll learn though.

Then Sunday we had dinner at my grandmom and Aunt Mad's house.  For Christmas the grandchildren decided each would take a month and have dinner with them and give each of us some quality time to spend with both of them.  It was very entertaining... here are our pics:

  Loved the time spent together :)

Now on to my appt......

SOOOOOO Emma is measuring what the average 34 week baby is measuring, which means she is in the 96% percentile for weight for her "age". Wanna know how much she weighs???? 5 POUNDS!!! A…

Valentine's Day

It's funny how things change the longer you are with someone.  Valentine's Day used to be very stressful about what to get the DH.  It was also right around our "anniversary" (of dating - Feb. 22) so you had to buy gifts for that too.  In college, when we had no money we would buy some expensive stuff and now we buy what makes each other smile.

I must admit, I'm spoiled.  Chris hasn't missed a Valentine's Day yet and I know a few people who can't say the same.  This year I woke up to the cutest card and a box of chocolates, but not the weird kind, snickers/twix/milky way kind   :)  I got him a card and a box of Crunch and Munch (1 of his favs). It was nice to read the cards together because both had the same theme of just loving each other for the simple things.

Right now in our lives we are both freaking out about how much life is going to change and becoming parents.  I am so happy to have someone that I can talk about those fears with and we can co…

31 Weeks

Here is the NURSERY!  DH picked out the mirror and it is a perfect fit!  Now we just need a baby to put in it.  And a few other things like sheets, clothes, diapers, etc. :)

I just got home this morning from my LAST WORK TRIP BEFORE BABY....YAY!  Couldn't have come soon enough as we got done our meeting and to the hotel about 930pm and I was up pretty much all night with the worst heart burn of my life.  It just keeps surpassing how bad it can get with this heartburn....At about 230am I almost called down to the front desk to ask for some milk.  It was my own fault i didn't have any tums on me at the time.  I had to wake up at 5am to catch my flight home and honestly I didn't even care, because I wasn't sleeping.  Good thing that came out of it was falling asleep on the plane because I was so tired, so it made the trip fast and as people were boarding I was just staring at my stomach as someone decided to do summersaults all morning in there.  I got home about 915 this …

Latest Appt.


I'm still gaining weight. hahaha  My hope was it would just stop once I reached a certain weight...wishful thinking I guess.  I'm at about 32 lbs. now.  At least I don't have gestational diabetes :)  My mom gained over 50 lbs. with each pregnancy if my memory serves me correct and she looks great now, so not all is lost.

Let's shoot for less than 40.  Sounds like a good goal to me :)  I just had a panic attack thinking about losing 40 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slow and Steady!!!

Anyway,  no ultrasound today. Apparently they have to schedule it or I was supposed to call someone or something, but now they are going to try and schedule it around my next appt. which is the 19th.  After measuring my belly with a tape measure the doctor said I'm either carrying a really big baby at 30 weeks orrrr a regular sized baby at 32 weeks orrrr anything in between.  As long as she is healthy I'm ok with it.

It was a little scary when he started saying, "if she p…







That is all.....

30 Weeks!

DH took my pic before work today :)

How far along? 30 Weeks and 3 Days Total weight gain/loss: About 26 lbs. Maternity clothes? Yes.   Stretch marks? Oh Yeah Baby, but at least they are only on my stomach Sleep: I've had better Other symptoms: The dark line down my belly isn't getting any lighter.  Rib Pain and just being uncomfortable sometimes :) Best moment this week:  Getting my Cara Box match.  I'll explain more later. Oh yeah, and the Glider came in! Movement: Yes! Lots.  Food cravings:  Smoothies, fruit, Cereal Anything making you queasy or sick: Not Really Have you started to show yet: Yes. Gender: GIRL! Labor Signs: I don't think so. Belly Button in or out?  It is still in but getting A LOT flatter!  Wedding rings on or off? On Happy or Moody: Happy! Looking forward to: Baby shower still. MEETING EMMA! 
Glucose Test Situation = You had to get below 135 to pass........ I got 135.  So yesterday I had my 3 hour test starting at 9am.  Again I chose the fruit punch and again, it w…

SHOW US YOUR SINGLES - My Friend Rebecca

Kelly's Kornerhosts Show Us Your singles and I decided, although I have several friends I would love to talk all day about, there is one in particular whom I would like to dedicate this year's post to - Rebecca.

Here she is:

Rebecca is 30 years old and lives in Baltimore, MD. She went to high school with my husband, so I've had the pleasure of getting to know her and building our own friendship over the past decade. By day she is a physician's assistant, but by night and weekend she is so much fun to hang out with and can always make me laugh.

This is us at our house party a few weekends ago:

I love the fact that she can find random things at thrift stores and yard sales and turn them into beautiful pieces of art/furniture/accent pieces. She is a true interior designer at heart. She loves to laugh is always willing to try something new.

5 random things that I know about Rebecca: 1. She makes the most delicious gluten free lasagna I have ever tasted. (and many other …