Monday, April 14, 2014

Dear Emma.....

Dear Emma,

My dear Emma Jean.  Throughout my life I've know fear, love, heartache, anger, joy and every other emotion. Since you have come into my life I know now that those feelings of emotion were but a fraction of what I could really feel.

The day you were born was a blur and the most clear day of my life at the same time. The fear I felt as they rolled me into that operating room was the most intense fear I had ever felt for many reasons, but mostly because I was worried for you, my little love bug. Not being in control is not one of momma's strong suits.  But after the amazing doctor's did their job, you were lifted into the air for me to see you in all your grossiness glory :)  It seemed like forever and a day for them to clean you up and wrap you tight but in an instant you were placed on my chest and I got to touch you for the first time.  Talk about feeling love and joy at the same time.  My perfect little angel was everything I imagined and more.

Your daddy and I were instantly in love with you and this past year has been nothing short of amazing.


You are so smart and funny and happy.  You have your daddy wrapped around each of your little fingers and I have to say I'm not far behind. You can walk a few steps and you love to babble.  You love to say dada all the time and even though I wanna hear momma, I love to hear your voice say anything.  You're eating everything from strawberries to chicken parm to baby belle cheese, but your favorite is really getting messy with spaghetti.

Your personality is ridiculously amazing.  You love to share whatever you're holding with mommy and daddy, including half chewed food. (no thanks).  You love your morning and evening special time with either of us while you have your bottle and your laugh is contagious. You love climbing stairs and you love opening cabinets.

Not all is roses however.  We've also learned how to overcome obstacles with you and no one has been a better teacher of patience with mommy than her Emma Jean. Mommy felt like she cut your finger off when she snipped your while trimming your nails.  Daddy had a heart attack when you bit through the Desitin and ate it and every time you fall mommy and daddy have to comfort each other more than you.  Bathtime has gone from favorite time to torture for you, but we are all learning together.

I hope nothing but happiness and giggles for you and although I know it's unattainable, I'm going to do my absolute best to get you as close to it as I can.

I love you with all of my heart, soul and the rest of my being.

~ Your Momma
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