Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Car :)

We didn't necessarily NEED a new car.  However the Infiniti's backseat just isn't going to fit TWO CAR SEATS (AHHHHHHHHHHH).  So we looked and looked and DH haggled and haggled and it's official!



We got a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited.  We love it!  My favorite part is the fact that it has an automatic trunk that opens AND closes.  Will make my life easier when #2 gets here.  Also remote start, heated seats (front AND BACK) and a heated steering wheel <-- unnecessary, but kind of cool. DH let me drive it to work today so I've been extra careful.  I love the handsfree phone, it sounds much clearer than the one in my car (Hyundai Sonata).  I do love my car, but new cars are always fun!

It's dark blue with black leather interior.  Hopefully I don't mess it up the kiddos don't mess it up too quickly.

Until next time!
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