Monday, June 29, 2015

9 month baby boy

Age: 9 months
Weight & Height: 25 lbs.  - 31 inches. 99th percentiles 
Things I enjoy: Crawling and pulling myself up to a standing position. 
Skills I've mastered: I am really good at eating baby food and sitting up on my own!!!
Looking forward to:  Saying a word or two and walking :)
Tough Times: I'm still not sleeping through the night every night.  It's tough because Emma was sucking her thumb and self soothing at this point and I just can't figure out my thumb and sometimes Mr. Binks falls out and I can't find him. I do love mommy's cuddles too so I like to ask her for some in the middle of the night. 
Exciting Events: I got to spend the night at Aunt Brookie's without Emma which was so fun because I got all the attention.  I also love pulling myself up on everything!
Looking forward to: The BEACH! 1 month and I'll finally see what everyone keeps yapping about!!!

EMMA'S 9 month update

Age: 9 months and 3 weeks (A little late!)
Weight & Height: 19 lbs. 12 oz.  - 29.5 inches. She's still in the 90 something percentile for height.  
Things I enjoy: Crawling and pulling myself up to a standing position. 
Skills I've mastered: I can crawl so fast my mommy calls it a run crawl. I can also babble with the best of them.
Looking forward to:  Saying a word or two and walking :)
Tough Times: We definitely had a tough time recently with all my sicknesses.  I had RSV and two ear infections and then the antibiotics gave me stomach issues which led to more issues. I still have 2 ear infections, but the new antibiotic is going down much better and hopefully I'll be 100% soon!
Exciting Events: I have been doing lots of exciting things these days.  Mommy and Daddy lug me everywhere and I just got to watch my cousin Connor play his first basketball game.
Looking forward to: The spring and summer coming and being able to play outside!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday (or Monday) haha

Above is how my day started :)

So I'm trying to work on my eating habits.  Trying is the key word here people.


I love to bake, i LOVE LOVE LOVE to bake. and you don't bake bran muffins and diet bread. You bake delicious decadent food.  To be honest my above peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate covered pretzel crumble weren't my best.  They were a little dry. But, they were my first time making those and I know the mistakes I made.  Next time - PERFECTION!

Yesterday was Day #476 #1!  If at first you don't succeed, try try again right?

So, I'm trying to take more ownership of my eating habits and trying to really focus on making small changes.

So Breakfast I ate

Two Eggs fried with just a little bit of salt and pepper and a sliced tomato.

and the obvious staple - COFFEE!!! Cream and a tsp of sugar

20 minutes later:


Dole Summer Salad Kit (half) I did is sans croutons and cheese and half a bowl of penne vegetable soup. And water :)

20 minutes later:

Then I needed a snack

So I had a bowl of cherries.  I had forgotten to take pics after lunch so I'll just have to describe.

CHERRIES (they were pitted dark cherries and actually delicious)


I had 3 oz. of Salmon baked with lemon slices on top and a tiny drop of olive oil.

Uncle Ben's Minute 90 Second Rice

Harvard Beets!!!! I love beets! If you've never had Harvard Beets, do yourself a favor, TRY THEM!

Then the rest of the day was play time!!!!

Emma is turning into a pro on her John Deere.

And a beautiful pic from this weekend.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A little bit of nothing

What to say What to say

Life is so crazy right now :) 

Work is extremely busy,  having a two year old and an eight month old makes my life extremely busy, spending time with family is busy and above all that we have weddings and baby showers and birthday parties galore.

What a horrible problem to have, a successful job and a loving family and people who want to spend time with us!

I love writing in my blog. I wish I did it more.  To be honest I wish I even did the daily vlogs.  I do think I take a lot of pictures of my children but when I look back at old videos of Emma it just makes my heart melt every time.  I don't have many videos of Matthew.  It's quite an interesting tug of war within myself because when we are having wonderful times I purposely don't get the camera so I can be present and involved and not worried about the video but more worried about being a part of the moments.

I see these other mothers and it seems like they have their lives so together.  They do their hair and put on a full face of makeup EVERYDAY!  How is this possible?  I have a house that is a complete mess, I'm pretty sure we just ran out of wipes and getting a shower is pretty much the only thing I have time for prep wise.  What am I missing here?  LET ALONE THE GYM! WTF?  hahaha

I guess I could get up at 3am, go workout, then shower and get myself together before the kids wakeup around 5:45 but would I be happier then?  Maybe, or maybe I'd just be so freaking tired I'd be stupid happy :) Then I could start messing up at work, get fired and have lots of spare time. 

I took the kids to the strawberry festival this weekend with my brother and sister.  It was 1000 degrees and my kids hadn't napped or eaten properly that day BUT I think it was a success. Emma loved getting on the rides and she always loves hanging out with her cousins.

We also went to our lake house for memorial day.  It was our first time staying in our new house that is four seasons and actually has doors.  LOVED IT!  It was so nice to put Emma in her own room and have a bathtub and a working kitchen area.  I think there will be many memories to come. 

Emma is talking up a storm these days.  Her favorite thing to say is "what's that?" hahaha.  There isn't much silence anymore which I love.  (most of the time) Monday i was driving home from picking them up and Matthew was crying in the back.  I did my usual "it's ok Matthew" but then all the sudden Emma started singing a song and he stopped.  LOVE HER SO MUCH!  It was one of the cutest things I have ever witnessed in my life.

I'm not really sure what to title this post or the point of it.  I'm not quite sure who I'm writing these for. I'll say just for me because just like old videos, I look back on old posts and it makes me so happy to remember things that I had already forgotten.

In the end, life is good and I am extremely blessed.  The grass is always greener but I'm pretty good at irrigation :)

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