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6 month update!

Age: 6 months old! Weight & Height: 16 lbs. 6 oz.  - 26 inches. I know that is the same height as last time, but since she was in the 93rd percentile last time and closer to average this time, we chalked it up to an error last time. They measured her twice this time too.  Those babies can get squirmy on the table. Things I enjoy: Eating!! Mommy can't keep up with all the different foods I eat and how much of them I eat.  I love everything they give me.  Particularly sweet potatoes now. They are my new favorite.  Mommy has been making my food my whole life, but she recently decided to give herself a break and I tried Sprout Organic food.  it's the "JUST" line of foods. Like Just Peas or Just Mangos.  I've only done the Just sweet potatoes, but can't wait to try the Just Peas with Mint. Skills I've mastered: I can roll over onto my belly and I'm just about sitting up all by myself. Looking forward to:  Rolling back to my back from the belly. It ain'…

Fun at the Zoo

My little buttercup is getting so big :)  Every morning she is now on her tummy.  I wish she could figure out how to roll back and forth instead of just to her tummy.  She'll get there :)

Last weekend we took Emma to the Zoo.  Full disclosure it was OctoBEARfest.  DH and I went to the zoo and got to sample some beer from different breweries.  They also had cheese and chocolate samples that did not disappoint.  There was a "polka" type band there as well from Wilkes-Barre and lots of people with children all around. (it's nice to know I'm not the only one who wants to take my baby to a beer tasting) haha.

Anyway,  after all that, we got to take Emma to the zoo and see new animals for the first time.  She may not have known what was going on, but I had an absolute blast pretending she did.

Next Monday is her 6 month appointment so I'll be sure to have updates on her growing.  I will say we were somewhere yesterday and a woman goes "she's only 6 months …


I thought my beautiful little girl had mysteriously turned into a monster a week ago and would never return.

She started waking up around 3 - 4am EVERY MORNING!  Then, she wasn't going to bed without a struggle EVERY NIGHT!  What happened?  What switch did I accidentally turn to make my little angel a human time bomb.  Not a time bomb for her, but a time bomb for me, because I was about to explode with exhaustion and frustration! happened. She went to bed right after bath time and BFing.  Then...................I HAD TO WAKE HER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Let the angels in heaven rejoice.  I don't remember the last time my alarm actually woke me up.  And so it everyone tells you, but you don't give a hoot about when you are in the middle of it..Nothing Lasts Forever!

I honestly do realize I am spoiled with a child that "normally" goes to bed around 730 and "normally" wakes up around 5-6am.  Which is amazing, but when she isn't tha…

Daily Schedule

Getting on a schedule to close to impossible. Especially when you work part-time and have daycare part-time, but we are working on it.

I've probably changed her eating schedule 4 times trying to get the right mix in.

This is the current: (6 MONTHS OLD)

Wake up between 5am - 6am - Breastfeed
Breakfast  between 8 - 830am - Fruit/oatmeal mix (about half a cup) and 4 oz. bottle
Lunch between 12 - 1230pm - Veggie/oatmeal mix (about half a cup) and a 4 oz. bottle
Snack around 3pm - 6 oz bottle
Dinner - around 530pm - Veggie/oatmeal mix (about half a cup)
Bedtime - around 730pm - Breastfeed

I still let her nap when she wants which is about 3 naps give or take 1 a day.

I would love comments and suggestions about what you have done or do with your babe :)

And as always a pic to brighten your day

How Long did I sleep for???

I wish the title of my post was because I got way too much's not.

Emma has actually been waking up at 5am daily for the past week and since my last pump comes at about 10 pm, I've been longing for a long night's sleep.

I wonder how long I slept for, because it seems as though my daughter has grown ages overnight.  Her second tooth is coming in!!!! Right next to the first one.  :(  How sad is that.  She's getting teeth! It's cute when you say tooth, but it's big girl when you say teeth!!!!

She's also turned into grabby mcgrabberson.  This is actually cute, until she took her bowl of breakfast (pears and oatmeal) and threw them on the ground when I turned my head for one second.  That'll teach me! hahaha.  Good thing pears and oatmeal are cream colored, like our carpet.

I know I haven't done an update in a while, but I'm waiting for her 6 month appt to update weight/height etc.

Grandmom and Grandpop Moher are coming down…