Thursday, October 4, 2012

Appointment #2

So, I just got done my second appointment and please tell me they get less stressful? I went in and at first they couldn't find a heartbeat, when I heard that I'm pretty sure my heart stopped as well. Of course my wonderful doctor told me it was completely normal and scooted me right into an ultrasound room to see it.

About 2 seconds after he put the scanner on my stomach (first time I got the slimey goo on my belly :) ) the baby showed up. doctor's first words were "everything looks great, there is the strong heartbeat". I didn't get to hear it though :( I saw it on the monitor for a second, but I didn't hear it. I know, poor me! I did get another picture though...

There you are little one. Getting bigger by the minute!

I asked a lot more questions this time and got great answers. Best news of all was I am actually down 1 lb. from my last appt. Technically I'm still 2 lbs. over my "normal" weight so we'll go with +2. I'm happy with that! Doctor said I should try to gain only 15 lbs., well now I only have 13 left to go.

13 POUNDS!?!?!?! I could gain that in one sitting! Chris just got us some tennis rackets so hopefully we can take advantage soon and he tries to get me on walks every night. Right now we walk probably 2-3 times a week. I'll try to up that, but it ain't easy when you are going to bed at 8pm every night.

This is the second doctor in the practice I've seen and I love him just as much as my first doctor. I feel very lucky to have found a place that makes me feel so good on the first try. Hopefully we keep this streak going. The practice has 8 doctor's so I'll meet all of them before delivery day.

2nd Trimester comes next week. I'm excited about that. I like milestones.

I'm still scared all the time that something bad will happen but working on trying to not let it creep in my brain too much. Am I crazy?

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