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29 Weeks


DH and I had date night on Friday.  We went to the Charleston.... Very expensive, but worth every penny!!!!
How far along? 29 weeks 2 days Total weight gain/measurements: 20Lbs Stretch marks? No new ones. Sleep: I use 5 - 6 pillows a night, but I think I've finally got it down.  2 softest under my head, 1 under my belly, 1-2 under my back and 1 between my legs.  It's very complicated to get in and out of though.  Best moment this week: Passing my glucose test on the first try.  This by no means, means I am eating correctly, but at least it's a positive :)  Still have a sweet tooth every day :)  Miss anything? I definitely miss having a beverage, beach week next week is gonna be tough.  I also miss moving around easily.  It's getting tougher, the bigger this belly gets.  Movement: Loads - HE NEVER STOPSSSSSSSS Food cravings: cream, cupcakes, chocolate, icing, peanut butter (to name a few) Anything making …

28 weeks!

How far along? 28 Weeks and 2 Days Total weight gain/loss: 20lbs as of today :) Sleep: Not great.  It's so hard to get/stay comfortable.  Other symptoms: My linea negra is showing itself finally.  Also having lots of back pain and braxton hicks.  I've been getting lightheaded as well more often.  Told doc about it and it could be dehydrated, although I drink more water than anyone i know, could be baby sitting on blood vessels, could be anemia, just keeping an eye on it.   Best moment this week:  Friday - Sunday was the best span of days in a while.  We did so much as a family and so many fun activities with Emma. We went to the pool a couple times, went to the community garden dedication (and got a plot), went to a carnival, had play dates, dinner with friends, met PEPPA PIG!  I cried while we were there, I was just so happy that I was making her happy (even though she didn't really care), what can I say...pregnancy hormones.  Movement: Yes! Lots.  Food cravings:  SWEETS, SWEET…


Well hello there 3rd Tri-mester!!! 89 Days to go!

Here is a comparison of beginning of third trimester with both babies. Matthew on the left and Emma on the right.

I actually think I look pretty similar in both. Maybe even a little less of a belly now? Maybe I'm just seeing things, ha! I look a lot happier in Emma's though, but the recent pic was taken at about 7am, so whatev.

This past weekend was 4th of July. We went up to the lake house and spent time with Uncle Dan and Tata Meena and Sheeba! And visited Grandma and Grandpa Moher too. We did so much fun stuff with Emma. She had her first boat ride, we had Manning's Ice Cream from the farm. Normally we go to the Montdale farm, but we had to compare. FYI, BOTH DELICIOUS! We went swimming at grandma's and loved it!!! We saw our first fireworks. Only 2 though, since she still can't make it past 7pm. Emma slept amazing and the weather was great (little cold), but still great. We took her on her first golf…

Everybody's Growing

This is Matthew's favorite thing to do ALL DAY
This morning
This is what I come into in the morning after I've already waited til the last minute before we need to get ready to am I supposed to wake this little bug up
Emma's new room....already a mess!  But she seems to be taking quite well to the new digs, hence the previous pic
We both may be groggy, but I love my little love muffin!