Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Hubby

I know I already posted about Chris, but I think an update every now and again never hurt anybody.

I think I'm finally realizing why people refer to their husbands as "DH" in blogs.  I had to look up what it meant and I believe it stands for Darling Husband or Dear Husband.........same thing.  I think I'm lucky enough to have one of those Darling Husbands.

Now don't get me wrong, there are times where I want to give him a good punch in the nose or just completely strangle him (exaggerating ((slightly))) and hopefully most people who have been together 10 years would agree, but 99% of the time he is oh so great :)

I love the fact that there are little things that make me see how much he enjoys and wants to be a part of this pregnancy.  Today he got his flu shot, never before had he gotten a flu shot, but I think he did it just for baby. The doctor told us we should both get one and I got mine, but assumed Chris wouldn't just because I don't think they are necessary anyway.  I did it strictly because the doctor told me to.  Yes, I will consider any and every request/direction the doctor gives me.

I love how Chris always plays along with the game "If baby were here, where would they be?"  He normally answers laying on his chest (love it).

I love how he lets me show him every new PIN I have on PINTEREST and gives me his opinion.  He wants to be at every appointment and tells me how beautiful I look now more than ever.

I love how he lays next to me and reads his baby book while I read mine. (all 6 of mine, hahaha)

He helps with the laundry, vacuums everything (because it hurts my back), and has never once complained about being the only one who can clean out the kitty litter. He's a great guy and he spoils me.  This is one lucky baby getting a daddy like him. (i may start to cry, so better end here)

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