Wednesday, October 10, 2012


So, I think i'm starting to not get as tired throughout the day, but definitely still tired by 8:30pm :)  I'm hoping that will change within the next week or so because Chris is missing his couch buddy and has had to settle for William (the cat).

At the moment I am becoming completely OBSESSED with baby blogs and any other blog for the matter. I love reading about other women and what they are feeling/going through during the same period that I'm in right now.

I'm also obsessed with watching births on youtube. That may sound weird and gross to most of you, but I am just so obsessed with seeing how painful it is for some people and how easy it is for some people. I watched one video where I swear this girl pushed a baby out very easily with no pain and barely broke a sweat.  I need to get her number to get some pointers.

I'm also obsessed with baby rooms and baby furniture. Fortunately it hasn't moved to baby clothes yet, because they are a lot more accessible than the other things I like to oogle over all day.

These obsessions are making work a lot harder to focus on and before I know it I'm going to have an entire baby to distract me so better get with it sooner rather than later.

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