Thursday, December 22, 2016


So here I am, it's 1:45pm and I'm sitting on my unmade bed finally writing a blog post after two months!  Have I ever gone this long before? Possible, but I'm too lazy to look :)

Have I told you the news? I'm a stay at home mom - OFFICIALLY. WTF!

I think I'm pretty blessed as I have a job that thinks I'm worth keeping around so technically I am still employed and I'm a "casual employee". I work when they need me/when I have time.  I love what I do and everyone I work with, so I'm pretty happy with the situation. It was kind of stressful in the beginning because I was wondering when exactly I would be having time to work, but it's going well so far!

I had these huge plans of blogging my first day as a stay at home mom. I searched and searched about women who went from working to being a SAHM and couldn't find too much.  Want to know why??? We have no time. :)

I have read so so so many articles about being a working mother and a SAHM. Both are easy, both are hard, both judge each other. Let me know what you'd like to read about and I'll send you an article. They are all out there.

Do I love this? Sometimes :) Do I hate this? Sometimes :) Am I happy I'm doing it? 95% of the time.

Here is a typical day:

(sidenote: - for those of you who don't know I have a 2 year old little boy and 3 1/2 year old little lady)

Wake up around 7am. We go downstairs and eat breakfast. I unload the dishwasher while they eat every morning and I turn on the news because I noticed that when the TV is completely off, all they do is ask for a show. When the TV is on, they eat, then go in the playroom and play together.

I have finally gotten to the point where they watch no TV (of their own) until after nap. Sometimes I'll put on a show before lunch just so I can have 5 seconds to make something in peace.

Back to the day - So hubby leaves for work around 8am. At that time I get dressed (in workout clothes) and get the kids dressed to be out the door around 9am. I do a spin class at the local YMCA every day from 930 - 1015. EVERY DAY! I need it. I LOVE IT! and it's the only place I can work out and bring my kids to be watched.

So after work out we normally have an errand or two to run. We go to Wegman's or the dry cleaners or somewhere and we get home around 11-1130am.

Then it's lunchtime. Lunch around 1130 - 12pm.  Directly after lunch is naptime. One thing I am very thankful for is both kids still nap. They don't even fight it. They ask to go night-night after they are done eating.

Naptime is normally from about 1230 - 230pm.  (my daughter is now sitting next to me watching Paw Patrol as I finish typing this - it's 1;56pm).

During naptime I shower and clean something in the house. Today it was the basement. I didn't even clean up lunch because I needed as much time as I could to clean the basement and shower before someone got up.

After naptime I have them play or watch a movie. We do storytime sometimes. I hate the winter because we are stuck inside a lot. I take them to the park if it's warm. We went to playdium in downingtown one day to get out of the house.  I recently joined a playgroup as well that has fun things for the kids.

We have played music with the local retirement home, had different play dates, went to the local My Gym. It's nice. I'm still getting to know everyone, but we're getting there.

I start to cook dinner around 4-430pm. Kids eat first and DH doesn't normally get home until 630. So I've been cooking second dinner for us to eat together when he gets home.

I struggle every day with my patience, but I have to admit... I'm learning :) I'm learning what works and what doesn't and we make progress. There are also days when I just lose it. I was dropping them off at the YMCA two Fridays ago and to make a long story short I just burst into tears when I got there.

Wow, this post is way longer than I expected, but that is what happens when you wait so long to write I guess.

I think my biggest struggles are that I feel extremely guilty if I complain. I feel like I'm being judged all the time and I feel like I'm never DONE, like the house is NEVER fully clean. The second I clean it, they destroy it. Did I ever mention I have control issues? Well, we will just have to keep working on it.

In Other News: Emma had her second ballet recital. I loved it and enjoyed the fact she barely had any of the steps down :)  Matthew is talking to where I can understand him 90% of the time and he loves to sing. It's adorable.

I miss my mom like crazy and all I want to do is ask her advice 2,493 times a day. I'm trying to allow myself to be sad more and not feel guilty about talking about being sad. Can't say it's easy, but what the heck is these days?

Christmas is in 3 DAYS!

I guess I should end it here, because I'm starting to rant and get scatter-brained and maybe I'll have something to write about later in the week.

Until next time..........

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