Dear Emma Jean....

Dear Emma Jean,   I'm late on your birthday love letter.   I turned around and you've turned into this beautiful crazy little lady. 4! FOUR!!!! I'm already dreading next year when Kindergarten is right around the corner. Looking back to where you were at least year, I can say you are 100% fully potty trained. There was a time I thought that was impossible, but I blinked and it happened.  I think the most exciting thing is YOU STOPPED SUCKING YOUR THUMB. I'm not sure when, I'm not sure how and I have no idea why, but YOU DID IT!  You are so amazing. You LOVE to sing at the top of your lungs and you still love to dance and show off your ballet moves. Fortunately you now have a little boy that is obsessed with everything you do and wants to be just like you. Speaking of your little brother, you are a wonderful big sister (most of the time). You make sure no one is too hard on him and you are the only one allowed to make him cry ;) Your favorite food is STILL peanut butter …

If I knew then what I know now............

If I knew then what I know now, I would have been way worse :)

If I knew how much kids are supposed to get in trouble and explore and take chances, I would have taken more.

I was an extremely straight edge kid. I got good grades, I was involved in everything, and I think I NEVER broke the rules.

I have no idea what I was so scared of. My sister was bad growing up (really bad) - sorry Brook ;), My brother was even worse, haha. But me, I am not sure what element was missing in my brain but I was a goody two shoes to the MAX!

In college I may have let loose a tiny bit, but still, breaking the rules was not my thing.

If I knew then, what I know now, I would realize how much of it doesn't matter and I should have relaxed.

This popped into my head because as I was sitting eating my soup for lunch, all I could think was, I better get a load of laundry in, I have to clean up the kids room, I still have to shower, I have to get the kitchen cleaned up, what should I do about dinner if I tak…

Current Happenings

Today I did my first body pump class. Needless to say I am SORE! Not as sore as I'm probably going to be tomorrow, but I could definitely feel it when I was washing my hair in the shower.

Did I love it? NO! I didn't hate it either though.  It all started in cycling class today.  My one instructor that I have on Mondays and Wednesdays always goes and she's been trying to get me to try it. So, today was the day.  In fact, I'm pretty sure everyone in cycle class decided to go together which made it way more fun for me :)

I do like the idea of body pump, but I can't say I'm sold yet.  The thing that wasn't my favorite was the fact I was pretty much just out there on my own.  I probably could have asked for help or gone closer to the front, but showcasing my shortcomings isn't my favorite thing to do. A few of my cycle peeps helped me out in the beginning, which was a huge help! When we were laying down I pretty much just had to do whatever the people next t…


So here I am, it's 1:45pm and I'm sitting on my unmade bed finally writing a blog post after two months!  Have I ever gone this long before? Possible, but I'm too lazy to look :)

Have I told you the news? I'm a stay at home mom - OFFICIALLY. WTF!

I think I'm pretty blessed as I have a job that thinks I'm worth keeping around so technically I am still employed and I'm a "casual employee". I work when they need me/when I have time.  I love what I do and everyone I work with, so I'm pretty happy with the situation. It was kind of stressful in the beginning because I was wondering when exactly I would be having time to work, but it's going well so far!

I had these huge plans of blogging my first day as a stay at home mom. I searched and searched about women who went from working to being a SAHM and couldn't find too much.  Want to know why??? We have no time. :)

I have read so so so many articles about being a working mother and a SAHM. Bo…

Dear Matthew...

Dear Matthew,

You're two! My baby is two. You are the most cookie cutter little boy I could ever imagine to exist. You love rocks, dirt, climbing, wrestling, and pretty much just being a complete daredevil in everything you do.

You love animals!! You take your elephant in the bath with you, you sleep next to your tiger, and you can't walk past a giraffe without a smile.

You also love to sing and dance, which makes me happier than you can ever imagine. It's crazy to hear how much you talk already!! and I can't get through one page of a book anymore without you saying "what's that?, what's that?, what's that?"

My favorite phrases include "thank you mommy, I love you mommy, and where's Emma?"   If don't have your sister in your sights you need to know why and you aren't happy about it. She is your favorite person it seems and every time I hear you yell "come here Emma" I melt just a little bit.

You are still my little…

P-I-T-T Let's go PITT

This past weekend DH and I went back to where it all began!!! PITTSBURGH BABY!
We left on Friday morning and took the long 5 hour drive down the turnpike to get to the city where we fell in love.
Driving into Oakland gave me a sense of nostalgia that never goes away.  We spent Friday walking the campus, having dinner at my favorite restaurant and having a few drinks.
Saturday Morning it was Game Time - PITT VS. PENN STATE!  We thought it was going to be rainy, but it turned out to be a beautiful day. Although we had to tailgate with some of our friends who were Penn State Fans (boooooo!) we had such a great time and ended up meeting up with some other friends after the game as well.
The ride home wasn't as fun, but taking two days away, just the two of us, was definitely welcome and very very fun!

Matthew is growing up! :(

So last week, my cousin came and stayed with us. We were sitting down having a nice chat and I happened to glance at the monitor......Matthew was not in his crib.  At first I assume he has huddled into a corner for the night, which wouldn't be crazy, but as I scan the camera all around, all I see is a little foot leaving the screen area out of sight.


Running upstairs with a slight scream, I catch Matthew as he is on top of his changing table about to descend his crib head first onto the floor.

Then it hits me....he needs a toddler bed.

Am I ready for this?  Well, ready or not, we did it on Saturday. It's official, I have no cribs in my house any more. WAHHHHHHHHH,HHHH!

If I look at these past 3 nights objectively, I would say he's doing very very well. He's gotten up several times, but normally goes right back down for another few hours.

Last night after I put him down, he made it to 1:30am. He woke up and cried for me, then after I put him back do…