Monday, April 17, 2017

Dear Emma Jean....

Dear Emma Jean,  
I'm late on your birthday love letter.   I turned around and you've turned into this beautiful crazy little lady.
4! FOUR!!!! I'm already dreading next year when Kindergarten is right around the corner. Looking back to where you were at least year, I can say you are 100% fully potty trained. There was a time I thought that was impossible, but I blinked and it happened. 
I think the most exciting thing is YOU STOPPED SUCKING YOUR THUMB. I'm not sure when, I'm not sure how and I have no idea why, but YOU DID IT! 
You are so amazing. You LOVE to sing at the top of your lungs and you still love to dance and show off your ballet moves. Fortunately you now have a little boy that is obsessed with everything you do and wants to be just like you. Speaking of your little brother, you are a wonderful big sister (most of the time). You make sure no one is too hard on him and you are the only one allowed to make him cry ;)
Your favorite food is STILL peanut butter and jelly, but you also love fruit. Mango and raspberries seem to be your favorite at the moment, but you really do love most of them. 
You can now say the 'Glory Be' all by yourself. Actually you don't let anyone say it with you anymore and you hate to go to bed without saying your prayers or reading at least 3 books.
I hope that you know how much I love you Emma Jeanie. You are a bright light in my life and you make my heart grow with every smile.
You are a beautiful, smart, kind little girl. Please stay this sweet and innocent as long as you can. 

With all the love I can give,
Your Momma
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