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A Void

I'm what some would call, a joiner :)

I think I was a part of 15 extra-curricular activities in high school. Everything from Band to FBLA to Field Hockey. 
In college I was a wrestling manager by month 2 and on the field hockey club team.  
When I graduated and moved to Baltimore I joined Girls in the City (I think that is what it is called) and Junior League and the Baltimore Field Hockey Association.
Why am I talking about this you ask?  Well let me do what I do best and make a short story long.
The other day I was having an internal battle, a personal struggle, an emotional breakdown.......
Am I good mother? Should I work? Should I travel? Should I be a stay at home mom?
In March, I'm taking 4 work trips. My husband will probably roll his eyes saying "enough already" because I mention it often :)
I'm going to be away from my kids for probably 12 out of 31 days. That is a lot considering I'm already away from them most of the work day. If you're just jo…