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These Days

These days I spill coffee on myself (just now)

These days I look forward to vacation everyday :)

These days work is busy for me and DH and I don't know how to get everything done.

These days I love to hang out with my parents and my family.

These days I still try to appreciate how wonderful my life is, because it is pretty great.

These days I try every day to be more relaxed. I'm getting there :)
These days I think I'm going to start working out regularly really really soon.
These days I miss playing field hockey!
These days I am realizing how my children are my world and 90% of the reason my world is so wonderful......DH gets some credit too!
These days I don't want my babies to grow up but reasoning would be a fun little thing for Emma to give a try :)
These days are so precious and fun.
These days Matthew started "run crawling" and pulling himself up and working on perfect little man.
These days Emma is just the cutest spiciest little lady. …