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19 Week Update

Age: 19 Weeks Weight & Height: At her 4 month appt. she was 14 lbs. 4.3 oz. and 26 inches long.  She is in the 93rd percentile for height and the 47th percentile for weight. Things I enjoy: I like my new jump up and my bouncer.  I love babbling to mommy and daddy and giggling when they tickle me.  Skills I've mastered: I can hold my head up no problem now. I can laugh with the best of them and I have discovered my hands and feet! Looking forward to:  Grasping my toys and sitting up on my own. Tough Times: I wasn't going to the bathroom regularly for mommy and daddy, but it's just because of my age and because i'm breastfed. They know I'm fine, but overreact with worry from time to time.  I'm also starting to teethe, so that can bring on some stress as well when I can't calm down. It doesn't happen too often, but I'm gonna have a tooth pop out any day now. Exciting Events: I moved to the Kitten Room in daycare today, because we are all getting older an…

Isn't she lovely?

So Emma is already 4 MONTHS OLD! She was 4 months on the 12th, it's now already the 21st.  Her 4 month appointment is Friday, so I'll update height, weight, etc. after that.  Also more shots :(

Life is so good.  I love working part-time.  I love that part of me really wants to work more.  I think if I went back full-time right away I would hate it.  Now I'm like, I kind of want to go back full time, but nothing would make me want to give up those extra days with Emma.  She's awesome.  Here are a few pics of recent days.

She's just a-freakin-dorable!!!!!!!!!
And life is going so fast.  She is almost rolling over fully.  She babbles non-stop, I swear she is just gonna start talking one of those times.  She laughs and smiles constantly, which helps when she wakes up at 4:50am ready to play (like this morning).  Tummy time is getting easier, but she's still not a huge fan.  And teething is in FULL FORCE!  I'm expecting to see a little white popout on her gums a…

Ocean City, MD - 2013

Well, another family vacation is in the books.  It was my 30th year with the family this year and Emma's first!  I think it was definitely a success.

We stayed with my parents and set up the pack n' play in our room.  I'm definitely thankful we don't have to share a room every night, but it wasn't so bad for a week.

Here are some pics....

And my favorite of the week.................

That is now officially my phone background and my computer background.
Although she didn't get to really play in the sand or the water, I think Emma loved the beach.  She slept like a champ and didn't seem to mind the heat or the wind.  Thank goodness for our sake it wasn't too too hot. I know everyone else would have liked more of a scorcher of a week, but I was happy.
We took Emma to the boardwalk and dipped her feet in the ocean a few times. (she cried every time).  I couldn't have asked for anything better.  Me and DH also had our first date night out thanks to gramm…