Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Isn't she lovely?

So Emma is already 4 MONTHS OLD! She was 4 months on the 12th, it's now already the 21st.  Her 4 month appointment is Friday, so I'll update height, weight, etc. after that.  Also more shots :(

Life is so good.  I love working part-time.  I love that part of me really wants to work more.  I think if I went back full-time right away I would hate it.  Now I'm like, I kind of want to go back full time, but nothing would make me want to give up those extra days with Emma.  She's awesome.  Here are a few pics of recent days.

She's just a-freakin-dorable!!!!!!!!!

And life is going so fast.  She is almost rolling over fully.  She babbles non-stop, I swear she is just gonna start talking one of those times.  She laughs and smiles constantly, which helps when she wakes up at 4:50am ready to play (like this morning).  Tummy time is getting easier, but she's still not a huge fan.  And teething is in FULL FORCE!  I'm expecting to see a little white popout on her gums any day now.  

I got this teether for her and just opened it this week for her to start using it:
I wasn't too sure about it, as it looks quite extensive, but SHE LOVES IT!  DH calls her Baby Bane (bad guys from Batman) when she wears it, because it's pretty big.  But she chews on it like there is no tomorrow.  I would recommend it to anyone.

Did I mention we are heading to San Francisco, with baby, in January?  I'll start taking prayers for a smooth trip now.  Our friend is getting married, so we decided, why not?  Fortunately DH's parents are going to come to and watch Emma during the wedding.  Very excited she is able to come and very blessed that DH's parents are both retired now so it's easier for them to take trips like that.

So we did have our first issue with Daycare.  I found her in her crib when I got to daycare.....AWAKE.....just laying there.  She was happy and not crying when I picked her up, but I on the other hand, was not.  To make a long story short, a fill-in was in the room with 5 babies (1 was being picked up, but the ratio is supposed to be 3 to 1) and instead of just telling me the other teacher was in the bathroom and put Emma in her crib because it was easiest (which I totally get), she made up this whole excuse that Emma was cranky and just wanted to play so they had laid her down for a nap (she had just woken up from an almost 3 hour nap an hour ago).  Blah Blah Blah, not cool, but I voiced my concerns right away and apologies happened and appropriate parties took responsibility, I was satisfied.  Lesson Learned = definitely speak up when you feel like you should as a mother.  I hesitated for a minute, because I didn't want to blow anything out of proportion,  but since I stayed calm and told them exactly how I felt and why, they got it and took care of it. I'm almost happy it happened, because I got to see how they reacted to my dissatisfaction and confrontation while still knowing it was nothing that had upset my baby, just Momma!

Anyway,  I'll try to update soon after her appointment on Friday, but not before we are off to my sister's for the weekend. (DH is off to the beach with some friends).

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