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I love reality tv, all the gossip websites and facebook.  It's true and I would never deny it!

I am on Facebook probably more than any other site.  It's a love hate relationship as I love to see pictures of my friends and family.  I love to keep up with what they are doing and show them what I'm doing and how much Emma grows everyday.

However recently I've been fighting the urge to tell people to stop complaining all the time.  I feel like most of the things I read on there are people whining or complaining and I'm just not into it right I DEACTIVATED!  It definitely won't be forever, but I have a little lady who could use all the spare time I have at the moment.  And with the crawling and pulling herself up, I don't have much free time anyway.

I just wanna squeeze her all the time!

Emma is FINALLY getting better from all her sicknesses.  It got worse from last post, but we made it!

I also wanna mention I lost my mom-mom this past weekend.  We…

Teething and Earaches and RSV...OH MY!

Let the post title explain why I haven't written in a while!
We were supposed to take our first plane ride with Emma to San Francisco for our friend's wedding.......instead we spent two days at the doctor and ended up with nebulizer treatments every 4 hours and amoxicilin doses twice a day.
Emma got sent home from school on Wednesday because she was just miserable and had a 99.7 fever.  She teething we teeth 5 and 6, so I didn't think it was that weird.  By 6 pm her temp was up to 102.8 and I felt like she was breathing very quickly, so I was in FREAKOUT MODE!  We scheduled a doctor appt for the next day and it turned out she had an ear infection and tested positive for RSV.
To make a long story shorter, RSV is a respiratory virus that builds up mucus quickly in the lungs and can make it hard to breathe.  When the doctor told me I had to take her straight the ER if her breathing was more than 60 times a minute my heart sank.  Especially since it was at 50 when we got to th…

What a Wonderful Life

Ha! I love this pic.  She looks pissed, but you have to learn to try new things whether you like it or not!!!  :)
It is 9:21 am and at this very second, personally I think I have a wonderful life.  I might even call it somewhat perfect.  Right this second I have a wonderful child, a wonderful husband, a good job, a warm home, great friends, and a family that loves me.
Can I say these things every second of the day? NO! I probably can't say all of these things at once very often, because there is a second sometimes that my child is pushing me to my patience limit (which is not very far), my husband has done something to annoy me, my job sucks, my house is messy and there is no end in sight, one of my friends pissed me off and someone in my family has hurt my feelings.
I think I am writing this post because I love getting reminders to appreciate the good in life and leave behind the bad.  As far as I know (and I don't know everything), nothing is ALWAYS bad just like nothing is…

Starting the Year off Right

No description necessary :)