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Newest Obsessions

So as I have been shopping for everyone for Christmas I have come across a few things I WANT and a few things I want to share because they are awesome!

THe giving keys is officially the best thing I've heard of in a while. You get a key and give it to someone either on a necklace, bracelet, ring, whatever, then once they either "live that word" or find someone else who needs it they pass it along. I love it, but I feel like it would take a lot for me to give it up.

Just read it and you'll get it

I bought this for my mom when she was sick. And by bought this, I had one sent to her and I donated money so one could be sent to someone else too. It sends a nice package to women fighting cancer to help them still feel pretty. and they get awesome pink boxing gloves too! Look into it and do it if you know someone who could use it.

I have to admit, I'm obsessed with subscription boxes. I have nev…

This is why...

Monday Morning wake up at 1am to a crying baby.  Doesn't need food, doesn't need changed, just needs his momma to hold him while he falls back asleep.

2am back in bed to wait for the 5am wake up from big girl who is awake and doesn't want to be alone.

6am starts the day with showers, breakfast snacks and out the door to get to daycare and back for the 8am work day.

Workdays consist of inconsistent meetings and deadlines and sporatic phone calls that make "lunch gym time" impossible.

5pm workday over and time to make dinner.  As the children get home, 545pm starts crazy dinner time or really just individual food fights between my children and the floor.

630pm starts bathtime and bedtime routines. Baby boy goes down around 730 after his bottle and big girl goes to bed around 8pm.

9pm regularly consists of a wail from big girls room because she needs 1 of 4 things:

needs to go potty even though she went before bed
needs water like she hasn't had a drink in weeks