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Matthew's 6 Month Update

6 month update!
                                                                                                          Emma at 6 Months!

Age: 6 months old! Weight & Height: 20 lbs. 5 oz.  - 29.5 inches. Matthew is in the 95th percentile for weight and 99th for height.   Looking at their pics side by side he definitely is more solid than Emma was but just as stinkin cute.  Things I enjoy: Snuggling! Sometimes I won't even sleep unless mommy or daddy hold me. I also love the new foods I'm trying.  I've had bananas, carrots and pears so far.  I think I'm gonna get peas soon and I did try a bit of sweet potato which i loved. I love bathtime as well :) Skills I've mastered: I can hold toys all by myself and I can hold my head up at tummy time really well too.  Looking forward to:  Rolling back to my back from the belly. It ain't easy...and mastering sitting up. Tough Times: I am teething really bad these days.  I also had my first ear infection and worried mommy a…

Life is Beautiful

Just as pretty at night ;)  Still obsessed with the new house!
So life life life, still crazy crazy crazy, but definitely in the best of ways.  
Impromptu photo shoot with the little ones!  So many things I love about these pics including Emma's belly sticking out! 
She seems to be falling in love with her brother more and more each day.

We also had our first babysitting gig with all the cousins.  Emma slept for several hours while they were here, but we still had tons of fun and lots of playtime together.

They got to eat at their little table and Matthew tried to join in the fun a little too.  We played monsters and watched Sleeping Beauty.  We played with dollies and purses and changed tons of diapers together.   Watching those three little girls run around makes my heart melt every time.

I feel like I haven't done an update on Matthew's progress in forever.

Age: 23 Weeks  Weight & Height: No updates since last appointment, but he's going to his 6 month appt on th…

Busy Busy

My first post on my blog was sharing my new home.

Well more than three years and more than 200 posts later I have a new new home :)

The Moher family is officially Pennsylvania Residents once again!!!!  The new house is beautiful and big and has everything we could ever want and MORE!

Matthew and Emma are settled in their new rooms and the cousins have already been over and running circles through the halls.  Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing them playing together.

Matthew is blooming into a little rugrat monster love bug :)  He is so happy and so smiley!!! We are still not quite to foods yet, but we are getting there.  He's as solid as a rock and I don't think he could go 2 minutes without smiling. He babbles non stop and we are working on sitting up and rolling over :)

Emma is talking up a storm as well, but we can actually "understand" what she is saying.  She is the light in my life.  We look around the corner and we can see her playing with her little pe…