Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Matthew's 6 Month Update

6 month update!

                                                                                                          Emma at 6 Months!

Age: 6 months old!
Weight & Height: 20 lbs. 5 oz.  - 29.5 inches. Matthew is in the 95th percentile for weight and 99th for height.   Looking at their pics side by side he definitely is more solid than Emma was but just as stinkin cute. 
Things I enjoy: Snuggling! Sometimes I won't even sleep unless mommy or daddy hold me. I also love the new foods I'm trying.  I've had bananas, carrots and pears so far.  I think I'm gonna get peas soon and I did try a bit of sweet potato which i loved. I love bathtime as well :)
Skills I've mastered: I can hold toys all by myself and I can hold my head up at tummy time really well too. 
Looking forward to:  Rolling back to my back from the belly. It ain't easy...and mastering sitting up.
Tough Times: I am teething really bad these days.  I also had my first ear infection and worried mommy and daddy when my temperature went up to 103.8.  I am all better now and even though I didn't sleep well two night ago, I found my rhythm again last night. 
Exciting Events: I got my FIRST TOOTH! I also got baptized last weekend.  FINALLY! Uncle Tom and Jen are my god parents. I think my mom and dad made a good choice with that. 

Looking forward to: Easter. Mommy said the Easter Bunny might leave me and Emma something if we are good.  I'm also excited for warmer weather.  I keep hearing about playing outside but I never get to do it.  

Emma's 6 Month Update!
Age: 6 months old!
Weight & Height: 16 lbs. 6 oz.  - 26 inches. I know that is the same height as last time, but since she was in the 93rd percentile last time and closer to average this time, we chalked it up to an error last time. They measured her twice this time too.  Those babies can get squirmy on the table.
Things I enjoy: Eating!! Mommy can't keep up with all the different foods I eat and how much of them I eat.  I love everything they give me.  Particularly sweet potatoes now. They are my new favorite.  Mommy has been making my food my whole life, but she recently decided to give herself a break and I tried Sprout Organic food.  it's the "JUST" line of foods. Like Just Peas or Just Mangos.  I've only done the Just sweet potatoes, but can't wait to try the Just Peas with Mint.
Skills I've mastered: I can roll over onto my belly and I'm just about sitting up all by myself.
Looking forward to:  Rolling back to my back from the belly. It ain't easy...and mastering sitting up.
Tough Times: Normally mommy writes "not too many", but not this time.  I've been giving them a tough time at bedtime the past few nights. I have a cough and I'm probably teething.  I'm not sure if I want to eat more before I go to bed, or I just want to stay up and play a little while longer.  Mommy and Daddy pretty much do whatever I want, so I don't give them too hard of a time and I'm normally asleep around 830pm these days.
Exciting Events: I have two teeth and I just started babbling consonants!!!!!!! I say BAA BAA BAA BAA all day long and mommy and daddy LOVEEEEEEE IT! :) I also went to my first PITT game. Even though they lost, I loved it.

Looking forward to: A visit from Aunt Amanda this Saturday and you guys are gonna die when you see how cute I look in my costume.

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