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So I've definitely tried to write this many different times and many different ways.

Blogs are supposed to be fluff.  Upbeat and happy and nonsensical stupid life stuff.  I think they are for the narcissistic people in life because you just keep writing about yourself thinking other people care.  Obviously people care about me because I'm so cool, but seriously, I like keeping it about fun stuff. However, this blog is about my life.  My family, my DH, my two beautiful children.  Sometimes life throws you a curve ball.  Fortunately I've been playing baseball/softball since I was like 7 so I've been able to hit a curve ball or two out of the park :)

21 months ago I became a mother.  It definitely made me appreciate my mother more, but I still took and probably still take her for granted.  I said to myself a few months ago that every good mother is probably under appreciated and taken for granted, because their love is so unconditional that no matter what we do as childre…


I don't know if you can tell by the pics, but Matthew seems to be absolutely LOVING daycare!  I'm also loving the fact that he has adjusted well.
Why do I title this opposites?
Because when Emma was 15 weeks old, she was sleeping for 9-10 hours a night and Matthew is 16 weeks old and only sleeping 6 hours. Those 3 hours are NECESSARY for my sanity!!!!
Matthew is about double the size Emma used to be and I just wonder if breastmilk before bed is ever going to fill him up.  It's a constant struggle I have.  I want him to be able to get a full night of sleep because I know he needs it and honestly, I NEED IT TOOOOOOOo!!! :)
Last night I got up at 3am to a lovely BLOWOUT, through his clothes, through his sleep sack and all over the bed.  ugh!  
Is it bad I wish he would learn to suck his thumb like Emma did so he could maybe comfort himself back to sleep?  He can't figure out how to get that sucker in there and normally ends up gagging himself. (which I must admit can be …