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Picture Haul

Last weekend we babysat my nieces for the whole weekend.  It was crazy but it was tons o fun.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

This weekend I am having my nieces over for the WHOLE WEEKEND! I'm so excited, but not as excited as my kids are going to be, lol.

DH and I went to the store and pretty much bought out the snack aisle.  I thought to myself, they are gonna LOVE coming to Aunt Tracey's house, then I thought, wait I gotta give this junk food to my kids too!  Hence the phrase YOLO! (you only live once).

We are gonna watch movies and stay up late and bake pies and eat pizza and everything is just going to run perfectly smooth............RIGHT???

Fortunately I'm finally getting over this cold that has been lingering around the house.  I think the chicken noodle soup my sister made me definitely helped

Doesn't it look yummy?

We also celebrated our 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Whoa. It's funny to think about it like that, because really DH and I have been together for about 13 years now.  Since I was 18 and a freshman in college (man I miss those days).  Life with DH isn't always 100% roses and…

Life Goes On

This was the last pic I have of us.....when we found out the cancer had grown and spread. I laid with you in your chemo chair while you kept on fighting (and tickling my head). - You were the best!

My mom died.

My mom died 33 days ago.  She was 51.  Everyone reading this already knows this. (probably)

If it was a little while between blog posts I would get a simple two word email....."Update please"

I don't get those emails anymore.

If there was a dawn of a new day I would get a phone call "Just calling to chat"

I don't get those phone calls anymore.

It is so easy to cry.  So easy to be sad. It's so easy to wish this on someone else. and I do....all three....all the time. Sorry but not sorry.

95% of the time, I think I'm doing pretty darn good.  When my daughter mentions Grammy I don't even cry.  I just remind her that she is in heaven and Emma replies "Oh Heaben" and we continue on with our day.

As I write this, off the top of my head…