Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I'm on a boat - you know the rest

Soooooooooo just got back from an AMAZING trip with some amazing ladies!

If you can spend 5 days in as tight as quarters as we did and not kill each other, you know you've found friends for life :)

I went down to Baltimore so we could all fly together down to Ft. Lauderdale. 

Meeting Elisa on the BOAT!!!!!

Bye Bye America!

 Oh hello Mexico!

We ate and drank and ate and drank and slept and sun bathed and sugar and spice and everything nice :)

I had never been away from the kiddos for more than a day.  I admit it was tough and I missed them like crazy, but I am happy to say I was able to enjoy the moments and sleep in and just take advantage of no responsibilities. 

We had laughs and learned stories about each other and appreciated each other's company and I couldn't have asked for more. We broke rules and went out of our comfort zones (including me, which is crazy) and it gave me so many memories that I will cherish forever.

I started this trip saying i better enjoy it because I will probably never do it again, now I'm thinking it wouldn't be so crazy to do again some time in the future!

Until next time............

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