Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I take less Pictures Now

I take less pictures now because I like to be in the moment.  Sometimes when my children are doing something cute DH or someone will say, take a pic quick!

It is always nice to have pictures of good times, but I'll take staying in that memory right now instead of taking myself out of it for the picture.

There is give and take :)


She actually doing quite well.  She doesn't many accidents at home or at school for that matter and she even wakes up with a dry pull-up most of the time.  The Caveat to that means she wakes up sometimes once or twice because she has to go potty, but I guess I can't get too mad............


LAST NIGHT, when she screams at 5am she has to go potty and wakes up my other child, than both are just UP! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Oh yeah, extra fun stuff is when this happens when DH is AWAY ON BUSINESS!!!!!!!! F - M - L

Other Big news - Matthew is now eating the menu at school!!!! Bottles on their way out and sippy cups coming in the future.

So Mom didn't get the best news at the doctor recently but we are still on the "glass half full" train..... It's tough to talk about more in the sense of, nobody knows any answers..........literally.............nobody more than an emotional toughness to talk about.

We all have our moments of sadness/madness/confusion/weakness/fear but today I talked to my mom, so today is a great day.  Yesterday I saw her and kissed her and that was an even better today. I think tomorrow might be pretty good too :)

Lots of things happening in the coming weeks..........Celebrating my friend Jen's bridal shower at the end of the month - Can't wait :)

Then a family wedding coming up - It'll be nice to dance and drink and be merry with some of the people that matter the most.

Matthew turns 1 next month (WAH WAH WAH)

Then we have more wedding festivities and birthdays and did I mention (5 year wedding anniversarys?) WHOA!

I can not live life enjoying every blessing if I do not accept that there are also bumps along the road. I am so lucky to appreciate love and life and continue to show it to the ones that matter the most.

Until Next time.......

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