Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sickness Update

I guess the fact that it's not getting worse is a plus.  I don't know if I'd necessarily say it's getting better yet though.

Yesterday when I picked Emma up from daycare it was the first day she's been happy when I picked her up in a little while.  She didn't even seem sick.  Once we got home though, the coughing started.

I've been using Zarbee's cough medicine when she gets home and when she wakes up.  I did the vicks on the feet again, but I just think it's a waste of time.

Last night DH took her into the bathroom to the steam shower straight away when she started coughing.  I believe the times were about 10:30 and 2:30 last night.  She stopped coughing right away and got back to sleep within less than an hour I would say, so we are definitely handling it better than we were.

I'm super nervous about taking her up to Scranton, because I don't want her to keep everyone else up, but I am also thinking positive and hoping she is going to get better tonight soon.

This morning we had to wake her up because she was dead to the world.  I try to tell her that if she would sleep through the night she won't be so tired in the morning, but already she's rebelling. :)

She's lucky she's adorable!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fighting the Winter Blues!

Who's ready for winter to be over? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Last weekend it reached 60 degrees for a minute on Saturday and Sunday, so we took full advantage.  We went to Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis for a nice long walk and it was beautiful!  Still cold, but nice to be outside with the sun shining.

Then Sunday we went out for a walk around the neighborhood and ended up seeing two bald eagles!  That was awesome.  They were huge and just sitting in the tree right across the street.

We've also been going outside to try and get Emma some extra fresh air to try and fight this cold she's had for the past SEVERAL months.

Sunday night was not fun, up all night coughing, Monday night was even worse.  We've tried EVERYTHING.  Vicks on the feet, saline and nose sucker, warm mist humidifier, cool mist humidifier, elevated head, motrin, Zarbee's cough medicine.  She's teething some of her back teeth and the doctor says the up all night coughing is normal because of the nasal drip which is probably caused by the teething, etc. etc.  It's tough only getting about 4 hours of sleep a night for several nights.  It makes your patience line just that much shorter every day.

So last night she woke up at midnight coughing and eventually threw up because she was coughing so much so around 1:30 I wisked her into the bathroom, turned on the shower as hot as it would go and sat there in the steam.  SHE STOPPED COUGHING IMMEDIATELY!  Not completely, but definitely only coughed about every 3 minutes, instead of every 3 seconds.

After sitting in there for about 10 minutes, we went in and rocked for a little while, then I laid her down once more and she actually went back to sleep.  True she still coughed on and off throughout the night, but she didn't cough herself into hysterics and she slept pretty well until about 615 (her wakeup time).

Here's to hoping it gets better little by little.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Her Feet Were Made for Walking

Well, we went out and bought a little stroller for Emma to push around and work on her walking skills.

She is so cute when she does it.  She's no expert yet, but she's is getting there pretty quickly.

Another new trick she has recently learned is clapping!  It is SO FREAKIN CUTE!  It's so interesting when babies learn new things, it just comes out of no where.  We've been clapping to/at Emma ever since she was born and 2 days ago she just decided she was going to do it.  Whenever she does it we freak out and clap with her, so I'm sure that helps her wanting to continue doing it.  Too cute.

I also just sent out her First Birthday Evite! :(  Where has the time gone? I'm excited to celebrate, but I have a feeling she isn't going to be one of those "dive into the cake" kind of babies.  It takes her a little while to warm up to new foods.  We shall see!

New car seats are on my mind as well.  Emma is approaching the height and weight limits to her first car seat so it's time to start the research and not wait til the last minute.  I hate that there are a million choices for car seats.  It makes picking one so much more difficult.  Hopefully DH will take charge of that research since he's so good at it (hint hint).

Well, next weekend I think we are heading to Scranton so DH can go skiing with the fam.  I'll be drinking cocoa and playing with Emma inside, as skiing and I are not quite friends.  I've had 2 bad experiences and I'll be the first to admit, I'm not a fan of doing things I'm not good at. Although those olympians make it look so easy these days!  hahaha.

On that note, how great was the USA vs. Russia hockey game?  I don't even like hockey that much but even I was nervous at the end there!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Ever have a stomach bug and watch a 10 month old for 14 hours at the same time?

Ever have to be awake a 4 am on point trying to soothe a crying human, then go about your work day trying to be on point there too?

If you haven't than you better not be complaining about being tired......

Maybe I don't have it so bad: Case in Point below

Emma's newest fav is being on Daddy's shoulders.  She just laughs the whole time and it is so cute!

Since winter storm #234,435,422,765 is approaching, we decided to be a little more prepared and bought Emma a sled.  If this jinxes us with a 70 degree day, I would be the furthest from upset.
I'm so freakin over winter!  It's freezing, my skin is dry and I wanna play outside with Emma.  We are getting cabin fever here people!

Anyway,  Emma finished up her second round of antibiotics from this double ear infection and had no adverse reactions.  She has however obtained a lovely cough that wakes her up at say..4am every morning!  We are going back to the doctors for a check up from the ear infections and hopefully at some point, she'll regain 100% health.

This past Sunday we celebrated my dear friend Stef's 30th Birthday! I'm next :(  But I love getting together with my girls.  We always have a good time and tons of laughs.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Random Truths

I "borrowed" this idea from another blogger for this post:

1. When I am my most stressed, baking makes me the most calm. I'm not talking about throwing premixed cookie dough into the oven either.  I'm talking, let's make tiny little wedding cakes from scratch and decorate them for no reason baking. 

2. I am awful at ZUMBA.  I'm missing the craze, because I went once by myself and it was the worst!  I felt like a complete loser.  It's 1 thing to look like an idiot with your friends, but it's another to look like an idiot in front of everyone else and their friends, hahaha.

3. I feel like I have nothing to wear....ever.  and I change my clothes on average 3 times before I decide on that outfit to wear.

4. In the past 4 months, I've probably written at least 4-5 checks under $20, because I never have cash. I feel kind of guilty, but it's the same as cash, right?

5. I am obsessed with "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" It's HILARIOUS and I would recommend it to anyone.

6. I gave myself 3 months to go to the gym 30 times, it's been almost 5 months and I'm at 26......

7. Currently I work part time (Tues - Thurs) I think 50% of me want to work full time and 50% of me wants to stay part time.  I think 50% of me wants to work full time, because I don't have to right now and I forget how frustrating my workplace can be 5 days a week!

8. I like winter, BUT I'M OVER IT!

9. I probably have an extremely vivid nightmare at least 5 nights a week.  My husband graciously listens to all of my commentaries whenever I wake up. Last night: had a dream all my friends were playing in a field hockey tournament and didn't invite me to play with them.  (not technically a nightmare, but still sad) hahaha.

10. I love writing my blog.  I wish I put more effort into it, but it's nice that I can do what I want with it when I want and it's still here.  

9 Month Update

Age: 9 months and 3 weeks (A little late!)
Weight & Height: 19 lbs. 12 oz.  - 29.5 inches. She's still in the 90 something percentile for height.  
Things I enjoy: Crawling and pulling myself up to a standing position. 
Skills I've mastered: I can crawl so fast my mommy calls it a run crawl. I can also babble with the best of them.
Looking forward to:  Saying a word or two and walking :)
Tough Times: We definitely had a tough time recently with all my sicknesses.  I had RSV and two ear infections and then the antibiotics gave me stomach issues which led to more issues. I still have 2 ear infections, but the new antibiotic is going down much better and hopefully I'll be 100% soon!
Exciting Events: I have been doing lots of exciting things these days.  Mommy and Daddy lug me everywhere and I just got to watch my cousin Connor play his first basketball game.
Looking forward to: The spring and summer coming and being able to play outside!

25 Weeks

How far along? 25 Weeks and 2 days Total weight gain: 16 lbs at my last appt about a week ago. With matthew I had gained 23 lbs at this poin...