Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Ever have a stomach bug and watch a 10 month old for 14 hours at the same time?

Ever have to be awake a 4 am on point trying to soothe a crying human, then go about your work day trying to be on point there too?

If you haven't than you better not be complaining about being tired......

Maybe I don't have it so bad: Case in Point below

Emma's newest fav is being on Daddy's shoulders.  She just laughs the whole time and it is so cute!

Since winter storm #234,435,422,765 is approaching, we decided to be a little more prepared and bought Emma a sled.  If this jinxes us with a 70 degree day, I would be the furthest from upset.
I'm so freakin over winter!  It's freezing, my skin is dry and I wanna play outside with Emma.  We are getting cabin fever here people!

Anyway,  Emma finished up her second round of antibiotics from this double ear infection and had no adverse reactions.  She has however obtained a lovely cough that wakes her up at say..4am every morning!  We are going back to the doctors for a check up from the ear infections and hopefully at some point, she'll regain 100% health.

This past Sunday we celebrated my dear friend Stef's 30th Birthday! I'm next :(  But I love getting together with my girls.  We always have a good time and tons of laughs.

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