Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sickness Update

I guess the fact that it's not getting worse is a plus.  I don't know if I'd necessarily say it's getting better yet though.

Yesterday when I picked Emma up from daycare it was the first day she's been happy when I picked her up in a little while.  She didn't even seem sick.  Once we got home though, the coughing started.

I've been using Zarbee's cough medicine when she gets home and when she wakes up.  I did the vicks on the feet again, but I just think it's a waste of time.

Last night DH took her into the bathroom to the steam shower straight away when she started coughing.  I believe the times were about 10:30 and 2:30 last night.  She stopped coughing right away and got back to sleep within less than an hour I would say, so we are definitely handling it better than we were.

I'm super nervous about taking her up to Scranton, because I don't want her to keep everyone else up, but I am also thinking positive and hoping she is going to get better tonight soon.

This morning we had to wake her up because she was dead to the world.  I try to tell her that if she would sleep through the night she won't be so tired in the morning, but already she's rebelling. :)

She's lucky she's adorable!
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