Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Busy Busy

My first post on my blog was sharing my new home.

Well more than three years and more than 200 posts later I have a new new home :)

The Moher family is officially Pennsylvania Residents once again!!!!  The new house is beautiful and big and has everything we could ever want and MORE!

Matthew and Emma are settled in their new rooms and the cousins have already been over and running circles through the halls.  Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing them playing together.

Matthew is blooming into a little rugrat monster love bug :)  He is so happy and so smiley!!! We are still not quite to foods yet, but we are getting there.  He's as solid as a rock and I don't think he could go 2 minutes without smiling. He babbles non stop and we are working on sitting up and rolling over :)

Emma is talking up a storm as well, but we can actually "understand" what she is saying.  She is the light in my life.  We look around the corner and we can see her playing with her little peppa pig toys and taking care of her babies and having a tea party.  She's starting to use her imagination and i beam with excitement when i catch a glimpse into her little world.

My beautiful new house is an absolute disaster. Toys everywhere, clothes everywhere, boxes everywhere.  Sometimes it's overwhelming and I decide to just sit and play with my kids instead.  We'll get it together but we're gonna have as much fun as we can in the process!
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