Monday, October 22, 2012

First Baby Present

I thought it would be fun to show you my first BABY PRESENT!

My college roommate drove 2 and a half hours yesterday just to see me! How great is she? I probably was one of the luckiest girls at the University of Pittsburgh to have been paired with Tegan.  She was the sweetest, smartest, nicest person and I couldn't have been happier.  We even lived together sophomore year too, so I guess I wasn't all bad either, hahaha.

Anway, we always keep in touch every now and again either through facebook or a text or email.  She is a pharmacist so I call her with my craziest problems to make sure I'm not going to die, like the one time I forgot about something for several days and was praying toxic shock syndrome wasn't going to come on any second! :)  Luckily....I survived.

So we met for lunch (and ice cream) and to my happy surprise she had brought me this...

It's the University of Pittsburgh musical mobile!!!! It plays the Pitt fight song! I love it and Chris loved it too!

My first baby thing!!!!! It's now proudly in the nursery along with nothing else besides 3 boxes of junk we haven't put in the basement yet. I am sure that won't be the case for long, but for now I will admire it whenever I make my trips into the room for daydreaming.

Love my Teegs!
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