Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Parent Memories

I'm feeling extra bloggy today and wanted to split it into two posts, because my other one would have just gotten too long if I kept going.

So I've been obsessing over becoming a mom (LOVE SAYING THAT - "becoming a mom") and I wonder about EVERYTHING....What will they look like? What will it feel like? What kind of parent will I be? What memories will they keep forever?

The last one got me thinking about memories I've kept forever. True some are fuzzier than others and may not be entirely accurate, but it's nice to think that if I keep memories of my parents that someday maybe my little bug will have memories of me.

A few of my favorites of my mom:

I remember I was riding home on the bus, maybe for the first time ever, and I was too scared to get off so my mom had to jump on and get me.

One time we sat in my room and I read a couple pages from my diary and we laughed so hard we cried.

I remember the way she smelled when her and my dad would go out dancing (i think she wore Poison) and she looked so pretty.

I remember sneaking into bed when I was little and snuggling up to her (I also did it when I was in college and had a bad breakup (Stupid Chris, hahaha))

Once I wasn't feeling well and I was sitting next to my mom in her car and said "if I throw up before I have time to tell you I am going to, will you be mad?" She said no and I immediately proceeded to throw up.  We pulled over and she cleaned me off and didn't get mad :) I have no idea how old I was when that happened.

Shopping...........a lot ;)

A few of my favorites of my dad:

I remember snuggling up and napping next to him when I was younger.

Going hunting and killing my first rabbit (which was a big deal) and knowing how proud he was of me (what can I say, I'm a country girl at heart)

playing hide and seek and scaring my mom/or having my mom scare me (long story, not my favorite mom memory, HAHAHA)

I remember how excited he would act when I gave him a huge thing of popcorn for Christmas (every year)

Once I bleached our green carpet when I was doing laundry and instead of getting mad, he told me about the time he poked a hole in his pool when he was digging around it. He said "you'll never get in trouble when you're trying to do something good"

Father/Daughter dance at my wedding

And not to get TOO CORNY, but they also gave me many memories of a happy marriage, which is nice to take with me into my own marriage.

I hope I can give my children memories like these.  They aren't big things or expensive things, they just meant a lot and will stay with me for many years to come.

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