Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Daily Schedule

Getting on a schedule to close to impossible. Especially when you work part-time and have daycare part-time, but we are working on it.

I've probably changed her eating schedule 4 times trying to get the right mix in.

This is the current: (6 MONTHS OLD)

Wake up between 5am - 6am - Breastfeed
Breakfast  between 8 - 830am - Fruit/oatmeal mix (about half a cup) and 4 oz. bottle
Lunch between 12 - 1230pm - Veggie/oatmeal mix (about half a cup) and a 4 oz. bottle
Snack around 3pm - 6 oz bottle
Dinner - around 530pm - Veggie/oatmeal mix (about half a cup)
Bedtime - around 730pm - Breastfeed

I still let her nap when she wants which is about 3 naps give or take 1 a day.

I would love comments and suggestions about what you have done or do with your babe :)

And as always a pic to brighten your day

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