Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I thought my beautiful little girl had mysteriously turned into a monster a week ago and would never return.

She started waking up around 3 - 4am EVERY MORNING!  Then, she wasn't going to bed without a struggle EVERY NIGHT!  What happened?  What switch did I accidentally turn to make my little angel a human time bomb.  Not a time bomb for her, but a time bomb for me, because I was about to explode with exhaustion and frustration! happened. She went to bed right after bath time and BFing.  Then...................I HAD TO WAKE HER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Let the angels in heaven rejoice.  I don't remember the last time my alarm actually woke me up.  And so it everyone tells you, but you don't give a hoot about when you are in the middle of it..Nothing Lasts Forever!

I honestly do realize I am spoiled with a child that "normally" goes to bed around 730 and "normally" wakes up around 5-6am.  Which is amazing, but when she isn't that amazing child, it's still hard and I still wanna go crazy.

Even if this only lasted for last night, I'll take it and know that it can happen and will happen again in time.

On another note....She's amazing :)

Emma is changing faster and faster as she gets older.  Did I mention she has 2 teeth coming in now?  Probably one of the culprits of her nighttime woes.  She rolls over from her back to her stomach like it's her job, but she's still learning the reverse, which can frustrate her.

Today I'm getting her a walker.  She tried it out at my sister's house and LOVED it.  So, should be more fun times to come.

Remember when you would make noise and hit your hand to your mouth like an indian (sorry if not politically correct).  Well, that is Emma's new trick.  The second you start patting her mouth she screams in delight and won't stop til you stop patting her mouth.

Well, I better get back to work.  Just wanted to check in.

Until next time..........

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