Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How Long did I sleep for???

I wish the title of my post was because I got way too much sleep..................it's not.

Emma has actually been waking up at 5am daily for the past week and since my last pump comes at about 10 pm, I've been longing for a long night's sleep.

I wonder how long I slept for, because it seems as though my daughter has grown ages overnight.  Her second tooth is coming in!!!! Right next to the first one.  :(  How sad is that.  She's getting teeth! It's cute when you say tooth, but it's big girl when you say teeth!!!!

She's also turned into grabby mcgrabberson.  This is actually cute, until she took her bowl of breakfast (pears and oatmeal) and threw them on the ground when I turned my head for one second.  That'll teach me! hahaha.  Good thing pears and oatmeal are cream colored, like our carpet.

I know I haven't done an update in a while, but I'm waiting for her 6 month appt to update weight/height etc.

Grandmom and Grandpop Moher are coming down this weekend to watch Emma while DH and I head to our friend's wedding in Fells Point.  Should be fun for all parties involved I hope.  Emma has been getting a tiny bit more attached to momma.  She still does great at daycare, so I'm hoping for no meltdowns at bedtime on Saturday.

Pitt/Navy game is coming up at the end of October too!  Emma is going to grow up a PITT fan whether she likes it or not.............

see!  I had it made special for my little princess. 

We have lots of stuff planned coming up for the next 1,000 weekends.  Weddings, football games, Aunt Amanda is coming down for a night to hang out, going to the ZOO for the first time!, Halloween (brace yourself for the cuteness that will come of that), watching mommy play field hockey, next thing you know, Thanksgiving!

Emma is 6 months old next week and I can't believe how every day just gets better and better with her.

Until next time.........

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