Thursday, September 26, 2013


When I was pregnant, deciding what I was going to do with my little one was very time consuming/stressful/awful.  I don't even remember if I ever really wrote about it.  Part of me never wanted to go back to work and just be with Emma everyday.  Then I thought if I could have someone come to the house, that would be great.  Then I thought, no no, daycare is the way to go.  Socialization and not worrying if the Nanny gets sick is best case scenario.

We had visited two daycare places.  In all honesty, I liked the first one and DH liked the second one. We both liked them both, but had initial strong feelings towards opposites.  Surprisingly I decided to go with DH's first.  It didn't work out due to scheduling, so we got to go with my choice in the end and let me tell you, I LOVE MY DAYCARE PROVIDER.  The people there just seem very down to earth and at the same time, so loving and caring.  I feel like they actual LIKE my child.  They tell me great things and tell me when the not so great things happen, like a scratch or if they think I should be giving her more food.  They give me advice when I ask for it, but let me tell them what I want happening.  I LOVE THEM!  The fact that I get a picture from time to time of her during the day always makes me smile as well.

They were even having a party last Friday at school (a day she doesn't go) and called to make sure I didn't want to drop her off because they didn't want to start any fun activities without her.  I politely declined, but they STILL MADE HER A SHIRT!  It may seem stupid and insignificant to some, but it is the world to me.

I hope they know how much I love them. Maybe I'll bring them a treat soon just to help the cause.

Emma is doing great though.  Her tooth is still coming in! It's hard to catch a pic, but I'll try.  She's rolling over more and we are trying to work on sitting up by ourselves.

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