Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Emma turned 20 weeks old on Friday.  She will officially be 5 months old in 9 days.  My little baby ain't so little anymore.  So DH and I have decided it is time to introduce RICE CEREAL!

As is everything that is related to pregnancy and babies, EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER has an opinion on it.  I've got some people who think I'm awful for starting before 6 months, I've got some people who think I'm crazy that I didn't start at 4 months and I've even got some people telling me to just give her bottles of water.

To each his own!

I trust my pediatrician with my baby's life, which is more important that trusting her with my own life.  Her opinion is: definitely not before 4 months, but whatever makes me comfortable.  Doesn't hurt to try and it doesn't hurt to wait.  Doesn't hurt to try, have her hate it and not be able to eat it, than try again later.  Have I ever mentioned I love my pediatrician?  She is so down to earth and on my same wave length.  Nothing is more valuable than that.

So today is the day.  Emma is 144 days old and old enough to give it a try (in our opinion).  I don't think I've been more excited about many things than this.  You should have seen me in Babies R Us buying her spoons and bowls and little sippy cups.  It's such a double edged sword.  You want your baby to be a baby forever, but you absolutely bask in the glory of every milestone they achieve in their life.

We will definitely be recording this momentous occasion.  If I'm lucky I'll figure out how to upload it.

Until next time.........

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