Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Emma's 12 Month (ONE YEAR!) Update

Height/Weight: Emma weighs 21 lbs 10 oz about lbs and is about 30.5 inches in height. She's in the 90th percentile for her age :) 

Routine: Her daily routine during the week consists of waking up around 6am, having a bottle (we just switched to whole milk which seems to be going quite well), then it's off to daycare.  She loves her daycare friends and playing all day. 

Sleeping: Emma is sleeping through the night, but sometimes does wake up earlier than we'd like, around 5am.  She goes down around 7 - 730pm every night, although her first round of ice cream kept her up until about 845 when the sugar rush finally wore off.  In terms of naps, on an ideal day she will go down from about 9 - 1130am and 2 - 330pm.  

Eating: Emma is eating all kinds of foods these days, although some days she doesn't like something that she loved the day before.  She love spaghetti, grilled cheese and muffins the most.  She loves cheese and every fruit, but has started to push veggies away.  She LOVED her cake at her birthday, but not sure the next time we'll give her sweets :)  Yesterday we sent her to daycare with beefaroni (fail), then DH brought in spaghetti and she wouldn't eat that either, so I wouldn't say she's a picky eater, just moody :)

Sizes: Emma is wearing 12-18 months clothing and size 3 diapers, however we just bought size 4 diapers this week, as the 3's are starting to get tight on those baby thighs.  We're still using Pampers Swaddlers and we have always been happy with those!


  • She is now WALKING!! She walks all over the place.  Not all the time, but she constantly gets up and likes to try and walk, but still falls.  She walked about 15 steps to me this morning.
  • Obviously along with walking she has been standing on her own for much longer, she is very sturdy when she's playing with her kitchen or her walkers on her feet.
  • She waves more when we say bye bye and she claps if you clap.  She also loves making her Indian call noises with her mouth (don't know a better way to describe it).

  • We also put her facing forward in her carseat. She definitely meets the weight/height criteria and she seems to love it.  I have two different car seats (1 in each car), but I love this one, because it gives her a little "pillow" when she falls asleep, and I like the safety feature of the front protection.

All in all she seems to be right on track.  She's ahead in some things with 1 year olds in her class and a little behind in others, which I think is just perfect.  I'm trying so hard to enjoy my baby girl while she's a baby and while she's my only baby.  We only have 5 months left of that stage!

Until next time........
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