Tuesday, February 19, 2013

32 Week APPT........Oh Emma!

So before I get into my 32 Week Appointment just want to fill you in on a great weekend we had.

DH's parents came down on Saturday and we went to church together, then out to dinner.  They also brought down our baby shower gift, so one less thing to take back with us from PA.  Our High Chair!!! So excited. It was funny though, Chris and I both were like, "how old does the baby have to be to start using this?"  We have no idea. :)  We'll learn though.

Then Sunday we had dinner at my grandmom and Aunt Mad's house.  For Christmas the grandchildren decided each would take a month and have dinner with them and give each of us some quality time to spend with both of them.  It was very entertaining... here are our pics:

  Loved the time spent together :)

Now on to my appt......

SOOOOOO Emma is measuring what the average 34 week baby is measuring, which means she is in the 96% percentile for weight for her "age". Wanna know how much she weighs???? 5 POUNDS!!! ALREADY!!!!  My friend just had a baby that was 5 lbs. 6 oz.  and I'm supposed to cook this baby for 8 more weeks????  We'll just see about that.

Doctor said we will probably be having a C-Section.  It was a very interesting conversation because she was definitely talking to me like I was going to get really upset.  I'm not upset, maybe i'll get upset, but now, not so much. How can you be upset when you get to see this...

She's gonna be my little fatty.  I love her so much.  I must say fortunately my sister had, what seemed, like a great experience with a C-Section.  Everyone was healthy and happy and breast-feeding seemed to go wonderfully!  That's my goal.

Secretly I'm hoping to go into labor early, but she'll come when she is ready.  As of now, looks like April 14th would be right around the day.  There is still plenty of time for things to change though.

Another positive note, is that I have lots of fluid in there.....LOTS as the nurse said.  It's normal, just on the high end, which is also part of the weight gain.  I'll take anything I can get.

Oh yeah, and I asked about 2 things:

#1 I've been lightheaded from time to time and Dr. said - Completely normal, could be dehydrated or could just be because I am so pregnant.

#2 I've been having this pain on my lower right side of my belly. and Dr. said - That is Round Ligament Pain.  I've been reading about that, but never knew what is was, glad I got to find out (sarcastically).


What a great day!  It's getting closer.................
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