Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Cara Box Reveal

My box came yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

It was so much fun to receive the box and see what Tammy had picked out for me.  She has a blog at I thought maybe she was from Boston, but it turns out she just really loves Boston Terriers :)

We have been emailing back and forth all month getting to know each other.  I think she definitely picked up on the fact that I like shimmery/sparkly things :)  I got a great nail polish (which I have been trying to keep my nails done for when baby comes).  I two lip glosses, some candles, eye shadow that I'm in love with and her card was really really nice to read.

I definitely want to do the exchange again and I would highly recommend it to EVERYONE who wants to try it.  It is nice getting something in the mail just for you!  I may wait until after baby, because who knows how busy life is going to get, but this definitely won't be my last Cara Box Experience.
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