Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

It's funny how things change the longer you are with someone.  Valentine's Day used to be very stressful about what to get the DH.  It was also right around our "anniversary" (of dating - Feb. 22) so you had to buy gifts for that too.  In college, when we had no money we would buy some expensive stuff and now we buy what makes each other smile.

I must admit, I'm spoiled.  Chris hasn't missed a Valentine's Day yet and I know a few people who can't say the same.  This year I woke up to the cutest card and a box of chocolates, but not the weird kind, snickers/twix/milky way kind   :)  I got him a card and a box of Crunch and Munch (1 of his favs). It was nice to read the cards together because both had the same theme of just loving each other for the simple things.

Right now in our lives we are both freaking out about how much life is going to change and becoming parents.  I am so happy to have someone that I can talk about those fears with and we can comfort each other.  I know we'll be fine, but it's still SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!

After work Chris took me to dinner...

We went to a French/Asian fusion restaurant.  The food was very interesting, but the atmosphere was perfect. There was even a piano player taking requests.  I got to have a glass of champagne (i'd been saving my glass for a special occasion - hahaha).  I was light-headed by the end of it, but just enjoyed the conversation and the desserts were delish.

On another note, I sent my Cara Box away.  Shannon at Shennanigan's Rose wrote to me and said she loved it.  I hope so! Now I'm just waiting for mine, I'll let you know as soon as I get it.

Baby Shower is in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!! I can't wait.

DH's parents come for a visit tomorrow.  I haven't seen them for a few weeks, so it should be fun :) Then we head up to PA to have dinner with my grandmother - that is always entertaining!

I must admit sleep has been getting better.  I went back to good ole faithful with the long twisted pillow and my hips haven't been hurting as much.  I am definitely getting more moody when I'm uncomfortable.  DH has been handling it very well so far, I hope he can keep it up!

That's all for now...........
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