Monday, February 4, 2013

SHOW US YOUR SINGLES - My Friend Rebecca

Kelly's Korner hosts Show Us Your singles and I decided, although I have several friends I would love to talk all day about, there is one in particular whom I would like to dedicate this year's post to - Rebecca.

Here she is:

Rebecca is 30 years old and lives in Baltimore, MD. She went to high school with my husband, so I've had the pleasure of getting to know her and building our own friendship over the past decade. By day she is a physician's assistant, but by night and weekend she is so much fun to hang out with and can always make me laugh.

This is us at our house party a few weekends ago:

I love the fact that she can find random things at thrift stores and yard sales and turn them into beautiful pieces of art/furniture/accent pieces. She is a true interior designer at heart. She loves to laugh is always willing to try something new.

5 random things that I know about Rebecca: 1. She makes the most delicious gluten free lasagna I have ever tasted. (and many other delicious dishes) 2. she loves the Steelers (just like me) 3. she loves to go out on the town and dancing is never far behind 4. she loves being with her friends and either playing kickball or softball or whatever league we decide to join that season 5.She's confident and independent, which makes her all the more attractive :)
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