Friday, February 8, 2013

Latest Appt.


I'm still gaining weight. hahaha  My hope was it would just stop once I reached a certain weight...wishful thinking I guess.  I'm at about 32 lbs. now.  At least I don't have gestational diabetes :)  My mom gained over 50 lbs. with each pregnancy if my memory serves me correct and she looks great now, so not all is lost.

Let's shoot for less than 40.  Sounds like a good goal to me :)  I just had a panic attack thinking about losing 40 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slow and Steady!!!

Anyway,  no ultrasound today. Apparently they have to schedule it or I was supposed to call someone or something, but now they are going to try and schedule it around my next appt. which is the 19th.  After measuring my belly with a tape measure the doctor said I'm either carrying a really big baby at 30 weeks orrrr a regular sized baby at 32 weeks orrrr anything in between.  As long as she is healthy I'm ok with it.

It was a little scary when he started saying, "if she passes 10 lbs. we'll start thinking about maybe a c-section"
PASSES 10 LBS.????? I'm gonna start pushing at about 8 lbs. :) hahaha

That's all for now.  All good news.
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