Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dear Matthew.....

Dear Matthew,

My little baby boy.  The apple of your father's eye and one of the holders of my heart. I have never met a happier baby than you. A morning is not complete without a little extra snuggle and I know I can always get a little extra sleep if I bring you into bed with me and hold you close as your close your eyes in pure bliss. I have a love/hate relationship with the term "Momma's Boy" but if there ever was one, I'd say it was you. 

Your birth-day was quite a bit different from your sister's as we knew exactly when and how you would be meeting us.  That was about all we could predict as the nurses laughed when I said you would probably be 10 lbs. Even then you didn't want to leave your momma and they had to vacuum you out during the c-section. Your arrival certainly came with lots of excitement and drama as your blood counts were low, but a little time with Mommy and Daddy and everything evened out and you were just fine.

You loved to be in my arms so much that the nurse had to put a sign on the door for no one to come in because you gave mommy and daddy no sleep the first few days you were here. I can tell you I loved every second of those first few days in retrospect, but I love even more that they are behind us. hehe

You still haven't figured out a real word yet and your walk could use some work, but to mommy and daddy you are perfect and your smile is contagious. Your sister adores you almost as much as you adore her and it makes mommy and daddy melt whenever you smile at each other and play together. Although there is nothing we like better than when you torture her a little bit. Don't worry though, she deserves it after the jealous wacks she used to give you when you first came home ;)

Thank you for making me smile every day. Thank you for hugging me the way you do. Thank you for coming to us and being our special little boy.


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