Thursday, March 28, 2013

Adding a Blog Button

I'm sure you've noticed some layout changes in the blog lately.  Been trying to spruce up the place before Emma gets here :)

So I tried to make a blog button about 1,985,483 ways and none worked...until...........

After I finally went there, it worked like a CHARM! So feel free to grab my button :)  I'm not 100% sure the point of it, but I think it's just networking, finding more followers, whatever.

Today is a very uncomfortable day.  You wanna know the worst parts of these days, when people ask how you are feeling or try and give you advice to make you feel better.  I don't feel like explaining how I feel uncomfortable or why.  Look at my midsection and hopefully you'll get the drift!

Nothing helps, nothing works, just let me be miserable for a little while.

Can't wait to meet this little trouble maker! :)
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