Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I changed my mind


I changed my mind.  I'm ready.  Get her out!

Did you know my stomach has stretched so much that my nerve endings can't even reach my entire stomach at the top, so it's numb.  Yup, my stomach is NUMB at the top because it's so big.

I felt a divot in my stomach and made Chris look at it to see what it was.........it was a stretch mark.  Just such a deep stretch mark that it felt like someone took a chunk of skin out of my stomach.  TMI?

Braxton Hicks contractions are bitches (excuse my language).  It's completely unfair.  You get excited thinking, Ok, it's getting close, than 4 hours later it's like nothing ever happened.

AND I'M BORED OUT OF MY MIND!  Yes I'm caught up on The Walking Dead, Girls, House of Cards, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Modern Family, EVERY RELEVANT MOVIE, and I've watched more news in the past 2 months than I have in my entire life.

Can't take walks in the pouring rain!  Thanks mother nature!

Being OCD has its downfalls, because her room is 100% completely ready. No clothes to wash, no diapers to put somewhere, no swings/seats/toys to put together (IT'S ALREADY DONE). Maybe I should get started on her baby book?? Oh wait, that's up to date.  Thank you cards are written and sent (personal record for me I think).

"Enjoy it while it lasts" you say?  I did enjoy it.  I've never had this little to do in my life!!!!! I'm normally playing field hockey, kickball, softball, traveling for work, going to different meetings, going out to bars on the weekends and now???  The news, bubble baths (which are relaxing) but I can only relax so much.  I'm not a relaxed person, I'm normally a very go go go person.

I am working on being ok with being late these days.  Trying to prepare myself for the inevitable.  We'll see! I was 4 minutes late to meet my friend Lindsay for dinner last week and 2 minutes late to church on Sunday! Score 2 for me :)

Glad I got that out..............
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