Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Never Settle

DH and I just got back from our Pediatrician "Meet & Greet".

Before I talk about how great it was I first want to mention that this was not my first choice of pediatricians.  I had sent out a facebook post in my area and asked for recommendations.  I can honestly say I received an overwhelming response for a specific pediatrician.  So naturally that is who I 'picked'.

Most baby websites tell you to meet the pediatrician first and interview them.  While I did not think this was necessary, I decided I might as well.  So I made an appointment...

As I walked in, I honestly didn't get a great feeling.  It smelled kind of weird, was older looking and the "well kid" area and "sick kid" area were separated by nothing but a shelf. The old look of the office didn't actually bother me too much, because places can't always be new.  I remember my pediatrician's office and as far as I can remember, it wasn't spotless and new, but it was welcoming.  I wouldn't call this place welcoming.  Anyway, the nurse finally called me back to the exam room where I met with the doctor.  He was an older gentleman.  He very abruptly asked me if I had any questions and after I said I couldn't think of any at that second, he said he'd give me his "schpeel" (not sure how to spell that).  So he went through everything and it was very rehearsed I guess you could say.  I also didn't like that fact that he really pushed his personal opinions.  Mind you, I WANT the doctor to give me opinions, but these were sentences like "you shouldn't breast feed in front of anyone else".  So to make a long story shorter, I asked a few questions, got my answers and left.

I left and called the DH.  He was out of town that day so couldn't come with me.  My first sentence was "it wasn't what I expected".  I thought to myself, they had gotten so many recommendations, maybe it was me.  He was old school, the place was old school.  What did I expect?  For a few days I decided, it is what it is and I'm going there.

Than a light-bulb went off.  Why am I settling???  This is my baby girl we are talking about here.  Even if this is how all places are, is she not worth looking into it a little bit further?  So instead of taking the advice from strangers, I asked my very good friend who lives in the same neighborhood as me who she uses.  She gave me the name and I made an appointment for the meet and greet.

DH could attend this one and I was very glad, as it's so much easier to have someone to talk about things with and figure if it's just you or something else.  So when we walk in, it's clean, doesn't smell like anything (which is preferable) and the "sick" and "well" areas are separated by a walkway at least. Their meet and greets involve however many people want to come at once, so you aren't alone.  The Doctor was an older female this time.  The whole practice is women and honestly, the fact that I'm having a baby girl makes me feel better that women will be examining her.  (motherly paranoia already).  The doctor didn't have a rehearsed monologue.  She introduced herself and tried to get conversation started with everyone.  This time I was prepared.  The other women probably hated me as I asked ALL THE QUESTIONS, hahaha.  She answered every single one and elaborated with even more information, books that might help in certain situations (like breast feeding and weening) she also mentioned news articles about other topics and just made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  THAT IS WHAT I WANTED!  That is what I was looking for!

So,  as I will learn more and more, I should never settle.  There are always other options and even though I may consider myself picky sometimes, that is OK!  I'm going to be a new mom soon, if I don't set high standards for baby girl, who will?

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