Thursday, December 20, 2012

To Eat or Not To Eat

I must say pregnancy diets are probably the most interesting things I have ever come across.

I find it crazy that I can talk to one person and say "I eat ____" and they say "I WOULD NEVER EAT THAT" and the next person say "Yeah, I ate that all the time".

And other things I say, "While I'm pregnant I'm just definitely not going to eat _____" and in return I get "I ate that all the time" and the next person says "Yeah, I laid off that too".

Then someone comes up and says "You aren't supposed to eat _____" and I think, wow, I've never heard that before.

I bet 90% of foods go through someone's DO NOT EAT list while the next person doesn't care.  It's also definitely interesting talking to people of different generations because apparently there were no rules "back then" (whenever then was) and we all turned out fine.  In my own experience it does seem like some people in the older generations judge what I won't eat like I'm an idiot. But on the same note, I judge other girls like they are idiots when I hear their no no list.

Remember when I said I live off strawberry milkshakes? Well apparently soft-serve is a no no. OOPS!

And is it just me or do you get more and more lax on your convictions as your pregnancy goes on???


DAY 150 - COFFEE MOST DAYS though I do try and stick decaf in there often.

Every appt. tells me baby girl is doing just fine.  I think every rule is more of a guideline.  If they said I COULD have as much caffeine as I wanted I would be back to my 4 cups a day, but since I'm not "supposed" to have caffeine I stick with 1 (maybe 2 sometimes).  Everything in moderation and good judgement.

Enough ranting for today....

PS. Was in the grocery store and an older woman looked at me, then said "is that????" while pointing frantically at her stomach.  It better be lady or you're about to make both of us embarrassed   People really are interesting.

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