Monday, December 10, 2012


Currently I feel as though half my life is spent making/changing/attending appointments.  

I LOVE going to baby appointments, but what I don't like are messages saying, please call us back to change your appointment. I spent about 2 hours today trying to get a hold of someone human to talk to so I could change my appointments.  Not because I needed to, but because Dr. needed to.  

Best part is I changed 1 appointment for the exact same day and exact same time, just in a different office. For the best, because I am now going somewhere my Dr. specifically recommended for anatomy scan so they can see all of baby.

Appointment #2 was changed to the exact same day just 6 hours earlier with a different Dr. and 1 building down from where originally planned. 

I can't wait until appointments are every 2 weeks, that should be extra fun!  It doesn't help I have a non-regular work schedule where I need to be at client sites more than not, so it is turning into a sophisticated ballet of timeline scheduling in my life.  Only 18 1/2 weeks left YIKES!!!!

I am looking forward to date night in the City tonight with DH though.  I love it when he brings up little dates that catch me off guard.  :)

PS.  Completely off baby topic, been watching The Walking Dead lately.  Probably not the best thing to watch before bed, but I say "believe the hype" it's awesome and I highly recommend it with the caveat that you better be ready to hide your eyes a lot. (very gruesome, I'm surprised I can handle it right now).  I can't seem to watch Breaking Bad though, which I hear is equally awesome.  I've decided the reason for this is because Breaking Bad is about despair and Walking Dead is about hope. (completely my own opinion on that one).

Also, if your preggo, don't watch "What to Expect When your Expecting".  If you're expecting a happy go lucky comedy (as advertised), you went to the wrong place with that movie.  I cried so hard my eye were puffy for hours! NOT COOL!

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